Jeppesen Partners With Amelia Rose Earhart to Recreate Transglobal Flight

Amelia Earhart. The mere mention of the name evokes a sense of adventure, personifies one of aviation’s most storied eras, and reminds all of us that role models aren’t defined by their gender, age, or size as much as by their heart and soul.

Born in the early 1980s, Amelia (Rose) Earhart’s parents chose her name because they wanted their daughter to carry with her the traits of the famous aviatrix. But the name brought with it unexpected responsibility and opportunity as well.  “Every single day of my life, the conversation comes up, ‘Are you a pilot?’” explained Earhart. “I got tired of telling people ‘no’ and seeing the disappointed looks. So, in college, I saved up enough money to take my first flight lesson, and I haven’t stopped since. It’s been great.”

So great, in fact, that Amelia Rose Earhart is recreating the solo around-the-world flight that her namesake attempted in 1937. That trip resulted in the disappearance of one of aviation’s most celebrated pioneers and is still the center of intense debate 77 years later.

 Amelia Earhart's flight attemption in 1937

Finishing a 77-Year Journey

Departing from Oakland, California, on June 26, 2014, from the same hangar location that began the 1937 trip, Amelia Rose Earhart will embark on a 17-day journey to do more than retrace the flight of her namesake, but to “symbolically close her flight plan.” When she completes her journey, Earhart will be the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single-engine airplane.

Closing that historic flight plan will be nothing short of grueling. The trip involves over 24,000 nautical miles, 98 hours of flight time, and 16 stops in 14 different countries. What’s more, 80 percent of the flight is over water. If all goes as planned, Earhart's final touchdown will be July 12, 2014 back in Oakland.

During the early stages of trip planning, Earhart realized that the complexities of international flight can quickly get overwhelming. It began with a mindset change from years of flying in the United States. As Earhart noted, “The planning perspective went from ‘We’re coming’ to ‘May we arrive?’”



Experience Trumps Exasperation

Soon, Earhart turned to Jeppesen’s International Trip Planning Services (ITPS) experts for help. For starters, the specialists of ITPS team reviewed her initial flight plan. According to TJ Orth, the account specialist assigned to Earhart’s flight, “We went over the positives and negatives of certain stops. We made some suggestions of stops that might be potentially better considering the political situations, security, and things of that nature.”

Over the next 18 months, members of our ITPS team have helped Amelia with the details at each location, including ground handling/FBO services, fuel, slots for arrival and departure, parking, customs, and landing and overflight permits. And, the ITPS team hasn’t stopped there. Their assistance for Earhart has included other details such as recommending trusted hotels and transportation providers at each location where she’ll overnight.

Apart, But Not Alone

According to Earhart, Jeppesen is providing more than global experience and expertise. The ITPS team has given her peace of mind. “If you’re going to fly out of the country, especially to a country you’ve never flown into before, you have to have their expertise. Jeppesen has the history of knowing that hundreds of pilots have gone into these individual countries, using Jeppesen’s connections, and they’ve come back and given them real world accounts of how it went.”

Orth concluded that the planning has truly been a team effort. “When coordinating trip details, we want to provide options and the pros and cons of each. Then, Amelia makes the decision. She is the captain. She is the PIC. She’s going to be the one out there actually flying.” Our ITPS team will be there to support Earhart every leg of the trip should details change due to weather or mechanical issues, just like the service we offer all of our customers.


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