Jeppesen Wilsonville office donates iPads to help a local school

Only about a mile from the Jeppesen Wilsonville office is a very special school called The Victory Academy. All of the students at Victory are on the autism spectrum, and the faculty is trained in different areas of special education. Because many of the students are verbally impaired, they often use iPads to help in their learning. However, this has become much more difficult over the last several months as thieves have targeted the school’s many iPads in a rash of break-ins.

The third break-in happened just a few weekends ago, and the perpetrators made off with all eight of the remaining devices. Despite police investigations, there are no meaningful leads in the case.

The non-profit school is the only one of its kind in the Portland area and is completely funded by tuition fees and fundraising efforts. The academic curricula is tailored to each student, along with important lessons in speech therapy and life skills that they will need to become more independent as they get older. Constantly replacing the stolen equipment and upgrading the campus security system has taken its toll on the already financially strapped school.

Disheartened by the news of the break-ins, the Wilsonville office stepped in to help. Jeppesen has several iPads in our inventory for the app development and testing work that we do. Among these are iPad 1s, which are no longer being used. Site leader and JTS director John Laurin asked if these could be donated to the school and, with quick agreement, three iPads from Wilsonville were provided to The Victory Academy. The Denver team is looking for several more units that can be donated as well.

“It’s very disheartening to know there are people out there that would take from the community’s most vulnerable, and then keep coming back again and again,” said Sven Aspen, a Jeppesen employee whose son attends the school.

After Luther Boorn scrubbed the devices of Jeppesen data and apps and Sven presented them to The Victory Academy, the grateful students and teachers created a big thank you poster and presented it to Jeppesen. One humorous note, as you can see on the poster, is that the school thought the donation was coming from Epson instead of Jeppesen!

In an even happier ending to this story, the Wilsonville team also contacted the local media in hopes of bringing more visibility to the recent thefts. The story eventually ran on multiple Portland evening news broadcasts, and The Oregonian newspaper. As a result, many local charitable groups and individuals stepped up to help the school as well. Now the school’s security system is getting a major overhaul. Plus a local charity called the Bald-Faced Truth Foundation has donated 10 brand new iPads. With a little luck, this extra visibility might even help bring the perpetrator to justice.

The school is very grateful for the support and generosity of so many in the community, including Jeppesen.

Click here if you are interested in watching some of the local news coverage on the story.

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