Jeppesen teams up with Red Cross to eliminate measles, help victims of disasters

Jeppesen has teamed up with the Red Cross in an effort to vaccinate children – village by village – across the globe from the measles virus. Our donation of $25,000 for the international Measles Initiative has helped vaccinate an entire village and protect them for life. This campaign provides a unique opportunity to deliver other lifesaving interventions to some of the world’s most remote and difficult-to-reach communities.

Measles kills an estimated 380 people each day, mostly children under the age of five. This program makes the vaccine available to those countries that desperately need it and helps educate all families on the vaccine’s importance. In less than a decade, the Red Cross has immunized 1 billion children in more than 80 countries against measles – one of the world’s deadliest diseases. Our donation has had a tremendous impact on an entire village and its children.

Our relationship with the Red Cross also includes financial aid when a disaster strikes – anywhere in the world. Our employees have generously donated to disaster relief in Haiti and Japan and, most recently, to the wildfires this past summer in Colorado.

Disasters across the country and around the world affect us all. Even if we don’t know people who are directly involved, we see the images of displaced families and destroyed homes and want to know what we can do to help. Employees can now support the Red Cross or Red Crescent Society any time to make an immediate difference in the lives of disaster victims through an online giving page set up for Jeppesen. You can make a donation using the easy and secure credit card processing feature on the Jeppesen page, and have the option to print a detailed donation report.

However, online giving isn’t just for disasters. Employees can support the Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in their country any time to support military members and their families, Red Cross Month in March and during the holiday season. Just click here to access Jeppesen’s Red Cross Online Donation Site.

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