Summer intern, Audrey, squelches fear, enjoys the view from above

My admiration for the aviation industry has always been experienced at a distance. From watching planes soar through the sky as a young child, to nervously boarding my first aircraft when I was ten, I have always been intrigued by these mysterious, mechanical marvels that dominate the atmosphere. So when I was approached to go on my first Discovery Flight, I was undoubtedly anxious. I almost declined, knowing my fear of heights—but then I thought, when else in my life will I get this opportunity? On a whim, I agreed and rushed with a few other interns to the Centennial airport, my heart beating heavily the entire way.

When we arrived to the tarmac, I was astounded by the large B-17 aircraft, propellers in full swing, ready to take off into the sky. Suzanne, from Jeppesen’s Community Relations specialist, quickly informed me that we would be riding in a significantly smaller aircraft, and pointed to the airplane on the runway to the right—a Cessna 172, owned by the Jeppesen Employee Flying Club.

We patiently waited our turn until it was finally time to get on the plane. I took the backseat and put my seatbelt and headset on, hearing muffled aircraft commands from the tower. As we waited for takeoff, I tried to banish all anxious thoughts from my mind. The pilot prepared for take-off, and away we went, making our slow ascent into the sky.

From above, it seemed like I could see every cul-de-sac in Centennial. The Aurora reservoir was absolutely gorgeous and looked a pristine teal color. The horizon seemed endless. Long story short, the view was beautiful, and was something one wouldn’t experience in a large commercial airplane.

Entering my second summer here at Jeppesen, I have become more familiar with the Aviation business than I could have ever imagined. I am learning new things about avionics every day, and I am devoted to keep learning. The flight was a great reminder that sometimes life takes you in unexpected directions. Sometimes, you just have to look around and enjoy the view from above.

-- A. H. L.

Audrey Hoffman-Lekmine is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and interns in the Corporate Communications Department in Digital Aviation.

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