Summer intern, Merritt, discovers new meaning in charting a course

Thursday, I was fortunate enough to go flying with one of Jeppesen’s pilots. There is something freeing about being 8,000 feet above ground. And I started thinking; Jeppesen and I are very similar.

Jeppesen’s products and services enable people to make safe and efficient journeys. I realized I too am on a journey. This summer internship is a journey that Jeppesen is providing to me, one filled with new faces, new knowledge and an entirely new experience.

I am not a pilot relying on Jeppesen charts to ensure a safe landing, but I am looking to Jeppesen to provide me with a different form of a direction, including insight and intelligence. With that said, I have no doubt Jeppesen will prepare me to then take my own flight, in the flight of life. 


Merritt Shivitz is a junior at the University of Texas and is majoring in journalism and public relations with a minor in business.  She is an intern in the Corporate Communications Department in Digital Aviation.

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