Build-a-plane journal part III: Showing off at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Opening day at AirVenture 2013 was electrifying.  The Jepp Tent this year was designed to be very inviting.  We have demo stations to show all the latest technology starting with JeppFD 2.1 (Pre-Release version) and JeppFD VFR.  We showed off the new iPad cases with the look and feel of the classic ring Jepp binder.  Once again, this year we have a “Red Bird” simulator in the tent (very cool).

For me, AirVenture is like a family reunion for my aviation family.  Today so many people came up to me and told me that they followed the progress of the “Build a Plane” project on the GAMA website. 

A lot of my aviation family came up to me and wanted to know about the new VFR app.  I had a few American Airline pilots ask me about JeppFD Pro and wanted to see all of the functionality of it.  I had a retired FedEx pilot tell me he was sad that FedEx was using a competitor’s charts and not Jepp charts.  When I told him FedEx changed back to Jepp charts he almost started to cry with happiness. 

The biggest event of the day for me happened when I was honored to do an Aspen Connected Panel demo for the Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Wisconsin, Ms. Rebecca Kleefisch.  As you all know,  I get pretty animated during a demo, and by the end of the demo,  the lieutenant governor was educated on why Oshkosh is so important to aviation as a whole.  I am honored and proud to have represented Jeppesen on a high profile demo such as this one.  Everyone at Jeppesen should feel proud of the work they do to make Jeppesen such a leader in the industry.

Have a great Tuesday everyone and I hope to have more photos from AirVenture.




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