Pulling for our community

    275 Jeppesen employees, making up 11 individual teams, competed this past weekend in the inaugural Special Olympics Colorado Plane Pull at Denver International Airport.  The object?  To pull a FedEx Boeing 757 weighing 164,000 pounds 12 feet in the least amount of time.

While 47 teams were competing to be the fastest to move the jet, the real winner was Special Olympics Colorado and the more than 13,000 disabled athletes it supports.  To enter the challenge, each team raised or donated a minimum of $1,250.  This event raised more than $70,000.

The overall winner of the 2013 Special Olympics Colorado Plane Pull was the Jeppesen Bulldogs, made up of colleagues who support the Airside service, with a time of 5.989 seconds.  They moved the behemoth jet in less time than most of us take to go 0 – 60 mph in our cars!  Other Jeppesen teams turned in times ranging from 6.25 seconds to 8.06 seconds. 

Congratulations to everybody who donated part of their weekend for the benefit of Special Olympics Colorado and its athletes.

This is the first time a Plane Pull event has been held in Denver. However, Jeppesen colleagues in Montreal, Canada, have previously participated in a similar event by pulling an Airbus A320 and will be pulling a Boeing 767 in late September to benefit Special Olympics Quebec.

See the photos of the Jeppesen participants on Facebook, watch a video on YouTube. Or, click here to view Special Olympics Colorado photos to see all of the teams in action. 



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