Jeppesen Special Edition Commemorative Charts

Over the past three decades, Jeppesen has created special charts honoring public figures and other members of the extended Jeppesen family for their contributions to aviation.

To date, there have been 87 charts designed, honoring such luminaries as Harrison Ford; Sully Sullenburger and Jeff Skiles; Bob Hoover and the men of the Tuskegee Airman.  Many of these projects are done with a light-hearted touch, but they are also meant to convey our deep respect for their recipients.

Representational of our world-class printed navigational charts, which have been in production for 80 years, these charts help mark the milestones and achievements of these fine aviators. The navigational fixes and waypoints on the chart are often named for family members or other noteworthy characters and highlight programs and milestones marking a distinguished career.  Additional honors and achievements are detailed in the notes accompanying the chart.  A couple of the charts commemorate historic groups or flights rather than individuals.

We wanted to share some of our more memorable charts that, while not used in actual flight, most certainly honor the flight path of these recognizable and important aviators.   

Click on a name to open a chart suitable for downloading.

Name Organization Chart Name Date
Robert “Bob” Hoover WW II Vet/Aviator/Test Pilot/Air Show pilot Edwards AFB, California 2012
Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails” WW II Veteran Pilot Group Tuskegee, Alabama 2012
Hudson River Miracle “Sullenberger/Skiles US Airways Flight 1549 New York, New York 2010
Barry Schiff TWA Pilot/Aviation Writer Santa Monica, California 1998
Eugene “Gene” Cernan Naval Aviator/Astronaut Pensacola, Florida 2013
Harrison Ford Aviator/Actor Jackson, Wyoming 2005


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