Jeppesen employees share their love of flight

The Jeppesen Employees Flying Association (JEFA) was formed by employees exclusively for pleasure, recreation, and other non-profit purposes related to all phases of flying and flying-related activities. The organization promotes personal contacts and fellowship among its members, including flying education.

During the year, JEFA pilots donate their time to local charities including Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Young Eagle missions, CraigFlight Missions and the annual Challenge Air Fly Day. In addition, they provide flights in JEFA owned-aircraft for Jeppesen interns and the kids of employees each year.

Due to the organization’s participation in these events, JEFA strives to establish and maintain the safest possible environment for all its members and visitors, both in the air and on the ground. In pursuing these goals, they maintain a proactive aviation safety program and all members are expected to participate in the program and take an active role in the identification, reduction and elimination of risks and hazards.

In other words, JEFA’s goal is to attract, train and retain safety-conscious members who, irrespective of their flying credentials and experience level, strive to be proficient, professional and safe both in the cockpit and on the ground. Anything practical that can be done to increase safety awareness, to improve safety practices and to prevent accidents, incidents and injury will be done.

JEFA members are committed to providing the kids they fly with a safe and fun aviation experience.

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