Jeppesen team sorts medical equipment for local charity

A team of eleven employees recently volunteered at Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment). This local non-profit agency is the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world.

Volunteers watched a short video on why they were there and who they were helping.  It was a very positive message and really put into perspective the good that they were doing for people.  The group was then assigned their duties.

Two of the volunteers helped clean machines such as the ultrasound and EKG machines to prepare them to ship to third world countries.  A second group packed “care packages.”  These special packages are shipped to individuals or churches who take them when they travel to various countries.  These packages, two large bags, consisted of about $2,000 worth of medical supplies and costs only $200 for someone to carry with them.  This is good information for others to know, that they can take these care packages with them and drastically help a community. 

The third group was in charge of unpacking all donated medical supplies and sorting them into the correct bins for easy access.  The donated products come from numerous medical facilities. During surgery, any medical supplies that are taken into the operating room, even if they aren’t opened, have to be discarded. These are brand new items that instead of ending up in a landfill are now being used to treat sick people in other countries.  Additionally, many companies will put an expiration date on medical supplies, such as gauze, which never expires, but is a gimmick to make you buy more.  When these items “expire”, the medical companies have to purchase new items and the “expired” items must be discarded.  Now medical companies can donate these new items to Project C.U.R.E. for shipment to countries that don’t have access or the money to purchase them.


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