Jeppesen San Jose team cleans up the park

The Guadalupe River Park is only a short walk away from the Jeppesen office in San Jose, Calif., and many employees visit there to get steps in for Boeing on the Move, so it seemed the perfect spot to volunteer.  The team volunteered their time as part of Boeing's Global Month of Service in July. 

Team members worked in Arena Green, which is right next door to the SAP center where the San Jose Sharks Ice Hockey team play, and so it is a very visible spot. In the past, the office had sponsored a bench there, so they asked Jeppesen to do some work on eight of the benches in the park.  One of the benches has a permanent brass plaque thanking the company for their contribution to the park. 

The Digital Aviation employees worked in teams of two and three and basically applied several layers of teak oil on the benches to spruce them up. This was the first time the benches had been oiled in about 20 years!   In between waiting for layers to dry, employees also did some trash collection and clean up around the area.   Matt York and Sarah Stenning ended up in the river bed picking up trash. It’s a very good example of how little water California has right now, as there is supposed to be a stream where Sarah is walking in the photo!  

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