Together, We’re Reinventing Digital Aviation

Together, We’re Reinventing Digital Aviation

Issue 3

As I reflect on 2016, I realize just what an outstanding year it has been at Jeppesen. What is perhaps most amazing is how deeply embedded we have come to be in your operations and flight decks. It’s an honor and a privilege we have to earn every day. It is also a responsibility we take very seriously.

During 2016, we also realized that we reached a technology inflection point. In short, it means that the norms for technology, quality and reliability that we used in the past simply won’t work in the future. It also means we had to reinvent ourselves before we could reinvent Digital Aviation.

Here’s just a glimpse into the changes that were made in 2016:

  • Instituted a “1 to N” Process—This process ensures your priorities are also our priorities. In 2016, “1 to N” helped us eliminate a substantial amount of what we were working on because it simply wasn’t of value to you. See the “Ask Us” section of this issue of CONNECT for more details on the outcomes of this process.
  • Instituted a Zero Defects Environment—We mapped the value stream of our navigational charting and database products and found areas where we could significantly improve our accuracy. Today, our navigation products are 10 times more accurate than our nearest competitor. We’re applying this philosophy across our operation, and this is only the beginning of the results we’ll achieve in the future.
  • Leveraged The Right Technology and Partners—We forged a new alliance with Microsoft, that showed us the real value to you in moving many of our products from our servers to the cloud. Equally important, we’re working with Apple to ensure our user experiences are not only the best in the industry, but in the world.
  • Daily Stand Up—All of this is supported by daily 8:00 a.m. Mountain Time stand-up meetings where two layers of leadership, from seven different development sites and six different countries meet to talk about you, your priorities, your expectations, and what we will do that day to deliver on them.

As a result of these initiatives, and many more just like them, we can claim today that we are the best at what we do. But we also recognize that being the best isn’t good enough. We are driven by the vision of reinventing Digital Aviation and the new possibilities created by an analytics empowered airline. It’s a vision we know you share. And we’re excited to build it together.

Jeppesen is ready.

Kevin Crowley
Chief Executive Officer, Jeppesen


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