When you say Jeppesen is working to solve ‘real world problems,’ what do you mean?

When you say Jeppesen is working to solve ‘real world problems,’ what do you mean?

Issue 3

We took this question to Ken Sain, Jeppesen’s Chief Operating Officer, to look into what Jeppesen is doing to ensure our focus remains on overcoming the challenges you’re facing as well as optimizing the opportunities ahead. Here's what Ken had to say:

Nine months ago, Jeppesen initiated a process that we call “1 to N.” That process was created to help us to sharpen our focus on those portfolio improvements that you wanted to see. In 2016, this process helped us eliminate a substantial amount of the work we were doing because it simply wasn’t of value to you, and focus concrete resources on delivering new solutions.

Here are three examples of how the “1 to N” process resulted in real world solutions:

Jeppesen Aviator—Delivering in Q1 2017, Aviator not only incorporates FliteDeck Pro, EFF, OPT and EDB, it offers back-up solutions like Trip Kit on Demand. Integrating data at this depth provides unprecedented information accessibility on the flight deck, while significantly reducing the potential errors that come with entering the same data multiple times into multiple applications.

Jeppesen Operator—Operator is the only business aviation solution available in the market today that integrates fleet, crew, trip and flight planning into a single hosted solution. Operator consolidates and optimizes critical scheduling and dispatch functions into a virtual flight department that creates unprecedented levels of efficiency and workforce productivity.

Jeppesen FliteDeck Advisor—Finally, you can get real time operational efficiency advisories that are derived by analyzing the actual fuel burn data unique to each aircraft. FliteDeck Advisor creates and utilizes a tail-specific Cost Index to help analyze the trade-offs between key issues like ride quality, on-time performance, fuel efficiency, etc. to ensure the optimal operation of each aircraft in your fleet.

You told us that integration on the flight deck, throughout the airplane and across your entire operation were the kind of real-world problems that you’re looking for Jeppesen to solve. And our response with products like Aviator, Operator and FliteDeck Advisor is only the beginning. 

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