Diversity Makes Business Stronger, Better

Diversity Makes Business Stronger, Better

Issue 6

Diversity and inclusion in business: Many of us know we need to embrace it, but why is it so important? Diverse workforces are better at innovating and solving problems; they have higher success levels, better relationships with customers and larger market influence. Simply put, a diverse workforce is more competitive. Diversity allows us all to better connect with customers and provide them with the best possible solutions and services.

As a new business within Boeing, we want to make sure that Boeing Global Services embraces diverse thoughts and perspectives. These are not only important to our success serving customers, but essential to it. Businesses cease to grow when everyone thinks the same way. We must challenge the status quo and function differently in order to truly embody a service-oriented culture that allows us to out-innovate the competition. 

To further our commitment to diversity and inclusion within Boeing Global Services, we are hosting a number of events that will help foster the type of collaborative environment that makes a positive workplace for all employees. We will also be hosting “Empowering Women” forums at various sites as part of a company-wide initiative to create a more diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce for all. These types of events are crucial to our growth and ability to better interact and understand the aerospace industry and the companies within it like yours.

Global Services will continue to support events and activities that encourage diverse thoughts and perspectives at Boeing so we can cultivate the best team and talent in aerospace in order to change the competitive DNA of our organization. This in turn will help us to provide the best services and solutions to all of you, our customers.

Stan Deal
President and CEO, Boeing Global Services


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