What exactly is FliteDeck Advisor and what aircraft are compatible with it?

What exactly is FliteDeck Advisor and what aircraft are compatible with it?

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A customer recently emailed us to ask a slew of questions about the recently released FliteDeck Advisor and its availability with various airlines and aircraft.


Which aircraft are compatible with FliteDeck Advisor?
Ask Us: A Jeppesen customer recently emailed us a variety of questions concerning FliteDeck Advisor’s availability and features. The questions and our answers are below.

What exactly is FliteDeck Advisor?
FliteDeck Advisor is a mobile application providing Boeing 737 pilots with real-time, tail-specific advisories needed to make small, inflight adjustments to their flight profile and flight speed to optimize their flight’s cost index and reduce the airline’s operations spending.

Which complement of aircraft will be included in the initial rollout?
FliteDeck Advisor is currently focusing on 737 aircraft, although additional aircraft makes are planned for the future. RouteSync is a capability in the FliteDeck Advisor portfolio and it will soon be available for 777, 787, A330 and numerous aircraft makes by the end of the year.

Will FliteDeck Advisor be available to operators other than major airlines?
We are currently focusing on larger airlines at this time; however, we will consider smaller operators on a case-by-case basis. For now, FliteDeck Advisor will only work with predefined aircraft makes. Priority will be given to aircraft with high usage numbers (i.e., the 737) or high potential future usage (i.e., the 787).

When is the expected rollout of FliteDeck Advisor?
FliteDeck Advisor was officially launched in August 2017.

Will FliteDeck Advisor give optimized routes and flight plans?
Optimized routes and flight plans have not been included in the first release; however, these may be added in future releases.

Will it only be software, or will there be a hardware component other than an EFB?
FliteDeck Advisor consists of an iOS app. The data the app needs for its calculations and advisories comes from an aircraft interface device (AID) that can easily be installed in minutes. The AID can be leased or purchased directly from Jeppesen.

If you’d like more information about Jeppesen FliteDeck Advisor and how it can help your commercial airline operations, speak with your Jeppesen representative to request more information.

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