Boeing Supports You Every Step of the Way

Boeing Supports You Every Step of the Way

Issue 7

Over the past few years, airplane operators have told us how they look forward to receiving the CONNECT newsletter and hearing about how the Jeppesen team works with them every day to be successful with information, applications and software. But did you know that Jeppesen is just one important piece of a complete lifecycle solution that Boeing is able to tailor and deliver to you?  By bringing together the people and resources of Boeing and its family of companies, Boeing delivers a portfolio of services that span commercial aviation customers’ operational lifecycle, helping you manage your fleet, operations and business through the duration of operations and ownership.

The guiding principle of delivering a lifecycle solution is being able to help customers manage their operations and their fleets as efficiently as possible over the entire lifespan. That includes in-production and out-of-production airplanes, regardless of their manufacturer. It’s about keeping airplanes in the air and earning revenue, and keeping operations safe, efficient and cost-effective.  We consider Boeing a lifecycle solution because we are committed to your success by innovating, developing and delivering the industry’s largest and deepest services portfolio, and we strive to help you be successful every step along the way.

Boeing is with you as you prepare for entry into service.

We help you make the critical choices that will ensure your success for years – how you will manage spares, how you train your pilots and mechanics, and how you will receive and manage vital technical information. We will help you with these decisions and put resources and infrastructure in place based on your needs.

Boeing is there as you operate your planes each and every day.

We help make each mission a success with navigation, flight optimization operations support, airspace efficiency and a host of other capabilities. That’s the power of Jeppesen and Boeing resources partnering with you.

Boeing supports your maintenance operations and engineering teams.

We help provide the information, engineering resources and parts solutions needed for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, AOG issues and managing a complex set of maintenance and engineering operations. We get the parts you need when and where you need them through the Boeing parts network and through Boeing subsidiary resources including our industry-leading parts distributor Aviall.

Boeing helps keep your airplanes efficient, productive and on-brand.

As your fleet ages, we can provide the modifications and upgrades needed to increase the residual value of these vital assets through modifications, upgrades and retrofits focused on your customer and fleet needs. 

Boeing is with you as you transition your fleet.

We help you sell your airplanes for maximum value, converting some models to freighters, and even assisting with efficient recycling.

Across this lifecycle we have enacted a set of powerful services that are Powered by Boeing AnalytX.  Boeing AnalytX provides access to the vast amounts of data these airplanes produce and delivers powerful changes to how we are able to support your business and provide you with the tools you need to be successful at every point in the lifecycle.

As you consider how Jeppesen works with you in the flight operations space, consider how other areas of your operations can benefit from services and applications that integrate the data, information and insight from across your operations and enable your team to be more efficient.  Boeing is here to support you across your business and the lifecycle of your fleet and operations.


Debra Santos

Chief Marketing Officer, Boeing Global Services – Commercial Marketing

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