Delivering More Value to You

Delivering More Value to You

Issue 4

In the last issue of CONNECT, Kevin Crowley talked about how we’re improving our business processes to deliver products faster, the creation of our Zero Defects culture and engaging partners like Apple and Microsoft to create an even better user experience with more robust application platforms. The result is that we’re developing more advanced solutions than ever before and getting them to you faster.

In this issue of CONNECT, I want to talk about the one thing that will never change—our focus on you.

Our product development process puts you at the center of all we do. In 2016, we recommitted to, and reconnected with, you and your needs through six customer advisory board (CAB) meetings around the globe. We heard from over 40 different airlines in those meetings. Then, we talked with 200+ more customers to get a sense of what was working, what wasn’t and what solutions you needed to help you succeed in the future.

From those discussions came a very simple, yet effective product development process that starts with conceptualizing solutions to address your needs. After testing and feedback from you, we develop a rapid prototype. Following your review of the prototype we move into production and develop a robust application and distribution support system.

This approach not only allows us to move quickly, but focuses our team on ensuring that our solutions achieve one or more of these four key objectives for you:

  1. Enhance usability

  2. Improve situational awareness

  3. Increase workforce productivity

  4. Provide better operational stability and efficiency

We’re also more able to help you anticipate future needs. We’ve done more than just embed simple analytics into your applications to show you a clearer picture of your operation today; we’ve included second order analytics that provide simulations capabilities and prognostics that help show all of us a vision of the future. 

We will always focus on you in order to deliver more value. You have my word that it’s one of the things at Jeppesen that will never change.

Ken Sain
Chief Operating Officer, Jeppesen and Boeing Digital Aviation

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