FliteDeck Advisor: Real-Time Data Reduces Fuel Burn, Increases On-Time Arrivals

FliteDeck Advisor: Real-Time Data Reduces Fuel Burn, Increases On-Time Arrivals

Issue 4

Too often in commercial aviation, combining the right tools, the right people and the right timing is one of the biggest challenges. This statement isn’t news to you. It’s not to us either. Which is why we’re always innovating to give the right people the right tools at the time they’re needed most. And with our latest innovation, the FliteDeck Advisor suite of mobile applications, we’ve done it again.

Because FlightDeck Advisor gives your flight crews real-time, tail-specific enroute flight performance information (the right tool), it takes the guesswork for flight optimization out of the operations center, and puts it in the hands of the flight crews (the right people) so they can alter their flight while its happening (the right time). That means FliteDeck Advisor can help your flight crews reduce fuel consumption, improve on-time performance and elevate passenger comfort while reducing crew workload.

Every flight plan is unique. Variables such as wind, weather, turbulence, passenger and luggage/cargo weight, on-board fuel, enroute fuel burn, etc. can all change from flight to flight. Until FliteDeck Advisor, all schedulers and dispatchers could do is analyze the latest performance data on a macro scale to make the most informed flight plan decisions. There’s no question this approach helps airlines save the kind of time and money that has a significant impact to the bottom line. Still, we all know more can be done. And with FliteDeck Advisor, it has been. 

More Specific Information Means Unprecedented Performance

With FliteDeck Advisor, two significant changes occur in the planning and enroute stages of a flight. First, flight plans can be built using tail-specific data to ensure each individual aircraft is performing at peak efficiency. The second is that flight crews have real-time data enroute, giving them the knowledge and the power to make in-flight adjustments that can positively impact fuel burn, arrival times, passenger comfort and profitability. Here’s just how much:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by 0.5 – 2 percent: Tail-specific, real-time algorithms based on Boeing insight help pilots better manage the relationship between weight and the fuel efficiency of a specific aircraft. Through proprietary algorithms, FliteDeck Advisor can calculate actual weight and provide more information to flight crews on how to operate more efficiently. 
  • Improve on-time performance by 1 – 2 percent: A real-time, in-air cost index shows the crew a delta in time and fuel cost to optimize efficient decision-making. For example, flights ahead of schedule (currently 35 percent of flights are more than five minutes early) can reduce speed after top of climb to lower fuel burn and save money.
  • Improve passenger comfort: By measuring eddy currents in real-time (the primary reason for turbulence), flight crews can avoid turbulence and reduce passenger discomfort or injury in the rare cases of extreme turbulence.
  • Reduce Pilot Workload: Fuel and time at each waypoint is automatically recorded and replaces your current paper system.
  • Achieve ROI After Six Months: Depending on aircraft type and number of flights, FliteDeck Advisor will likely pay for itself after six months.

Installation takes just five minutes. Maintenance crews simply plug an aircraft interface device (AID) into the flight data recorder system’s test port located in the captain’s coat closet. This means you don’t lose revenue because your airplane requires service. And if you lease your airplanes, you save twice as much. You benefit from information intercepted by AID technology without the worries associated with having to uninstall an intrusive device at lease end.

Modularized to Fit Your Operation

FliteDeck Advisor is ideal for airlines with 20 – 100 tails looking to optimize every flight, though it can certainly benefit airlines with fewer airplanes or more. As noted above, FliteDeck Advisor is a suite of applications and hardware that allows you to build the solution that best suits your needs now and in the future. That functionality includes:

  • Maximizer is a real-time decision aid for optimal altitude, speed and cost index.
  • Insights offers post-flight analytics and performance curves for improved tail assignment and flight planning, as well as many other statistics for optimization.
  • RouteSync enables pre-flight and enroute active route synchronization between FMS, EFB and ground (includes automated uplink/downlink of flight routes and performance data to FMS).
  • FliteLogger provides automatic flight logs for flight plan, waypoint progress data, pilot notes and flight data recorder information.
  • Weather App gives flight crews turbulence reports as well as traditional weather data in a 3D visualization (future).
  • ReRoute suggests optimal re-routing scenarios during the pre-flight and enroute phases of a flight.
  • Aircraft Interface Device (AID) means that installation takes less than five minutes to install with no aircraft mods.

Right tools. Right people. Right time. FliteDeck Advisor proves that when you can bring those three things together, you get the power to make the kinds of real-time changes to your operation that have the right impact on your operations, your airplanes, your flight crews, your passengers and your bottom line. Learn more by contacting your representative. 

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