What is the value of Jeppesen NavData<sup>®</sup> versus others in the market?

What is the value of Jeppesen NavData® versus others in the market?

Issue 4

For decades, we’ve set the standard for quality of aviation data. It’s at the heart of everything we do. As a result, our database is 3.5 times the size of our largest competitor. But the real value of our data isn’t just having greater coverage, but the quality of the data that sits inside our database. As the result of a new Zero Defects initiative, our data has never been more accurate. In fact, our data is:

  • 7X more accurate than our nearest competitor, without taking into consideration database size.
  • Over 21X more accurate than our nearest competitor when database size is taken into account.

But the story of Jeppesen data doesn’t end with those facts, it’s just the beginning. Here’s a quick by the numbers overview that helps underscore our commitment to delivering the world’s most accurate and complete database:

  • 28 Days: Is the cycle time for updating our database to ensure the utmost accuracy and timeliness.
  • 41,000: The number of source pages we receive every 28 days that include some kind of data update or addition.
  • 190+: The numbers of countries around the world that supply us with the roughly 41,000 pages of source data.
  • 4,000: The number of packages or database upgrades we create every 28 days.

While the process of maintaining our industry-leading database is powerful, even more so are the reasons we feel so compelled to work toward maintaining a “zero defects” database:

  • 300,000: The number of mobile devices we update every 28 days with new data.
  • 15,000 to 16,000: The number of commercial aircraft supported by Jeppesen data.
  • 70,000+: The number of business, military and general aviation aircraft also supported by our data.

The best way we can make good on our promise to deliver the industry-leading solutions for safe and efficient operations is to build them around the world’s best aviation database. It’s worth repeating: Delivering quality (and complete) aviation data is at the heart of everything we do. It has been that way since our founding in 1932. Contact your representative to learn more about Jeppesen NavData® and how it can be at the heart of your operation as well.

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