Evolving to Serve You Better

Evolving to Serve You Better

Issue 5

In previous issues of CONNECT, we've talked about how we're working to provide more value to you and deliver it faster. In this issue, I want to lay out where we're going as a company to reach those reach those goals and help serve our customers better.

Since 1934, Jeppesen has been an integral part of aviation history. For more than 80 years we’ve helped pilots and passengers arrive safely at their destinations, while also helping to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial operations. With each passing decade, aviation technology has evolved and crossed into new frontiers, changing the way pilots and airlines operate. What was once a labor-intensive, paper-driven industry has now largely moved into the digital realm. With this shift have come new challenges, as well as exciting opportunities. 

Change can come in many ways, and as most of you are probably aware, Jeppesen was brought into the Boeing family back in 2000. Since that time, aviation technology and services have been advancing at an especially quick rate. To continue to meet and surpass the expectations of its customers, Boeing is concentrating its services efforts into a new, streamlined organization called Boeing Global Services. Jeppesen will be an integral part of this new division of The Boeing Company; the focus of our services group in this new organization will allow us to combine services offerings and perspectives like never before, across our commercial, defense and space industries.

Jeppesen has always worked hard to quickly adapt and meet the needs of our customers in an aviation industry that is constantly evolving. This integration with Boeing Global Services helps Jeppesen become better suited to provide data, analytics and products to our users now and in the future. We’ll begin to make these changes during summer 2017. It’s an exciting time because these changes will position Jeppesen to provide better service and a better experience to our customers. 

David Longridge
Vice President of Commercial Services Sales & Marketing
Boeing Global Services

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