Jeppesen and ForeFlight Partner to Benefit You

Jeppesen and ForeFlight Partner to Benefit You

Issue 5

FliteDeck Pro has long been the industry standard for flight navigation apps for pilots; however, one of the things we continually hear from our customers is that they want us to leverage the power of an electronic flight bag on a mobile device. They want their pilots to receive all the information they need, plus timely updates, through the convenience of a mobile platform. Jeppesen has been working hard to make this happen, but we knew that to deliver the best product to our customers, we would need to partner with a trusted company that could help us best put Jeppesen chart data in the hands of pilots in a seamless, convenient way. 

Only one company came to mind: In just 10 years, ForeFlight has become a highly trusted source for pilots worldwide for flight planning, charts, weather, airport information, document management, flight logging and more. It has been designed for pilots, by pilots, to provide the information they need quickly, beautifully and with an intuitive interface that is easy to use. Recently, Jeppesen was very excited to announce a long-term strategic alliance with ForeFlight that marries industry-leading capabilities and global content like never before. And starting with FliteDeck Pro version 4, users will see and get to experience the combined capabilities from both Jeppesen and ForeFlight.

One of the reasons that Jeppesen is so excited to partner with ForeFlight is that it isn’t just a charting application, but provides a full solution set. Combining that with Jeppesen’s world-class data and charts creates a very powerful combination that should accelerate innovation, and increase speed of delivery and the overall value to customers. This partnership will continue to provide FliteDeck Pro users with a familiar look and feel, with only a minimal training impact, so that it fits effortlessly into our customers’ existing workflow. App and content updates will continue coming from Jeppesen.

Truly, the whole of the two companies is better than sum of the individual parts, so we’re thrilled that the next version of FliteDeck Pro will bring the power of ForeFlight to the commercial cockpit. As a long-term strategic alliance, both companies are working together to improve capabilities and the value to users, such as providing a streamlined management system for NOTAMs and improvements to weather data rendering and performance.

Over time, you’ll see more capabilities, better productivity and more resiliency, which will provide better experiences for airlines and happier pilots. And we don’t plan on stopping there. Both Jeppesen and ForeFlight envision this partnership going beyond just EFBs in the cockpit. We’ll never stop evolving to create better tools that make flying commercial operations easier, safer and more efficient.

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