What upgrades can we expect from future versions of Jeppesen Aviator?

What upgrades can we expect from future versions of Jeppesen Aviator?

Issue 5

We have been working on a lot of improvements and advanced features for the next few versions of Jeppesen Aviator. For those who may not be familiar with Aviator, it’s an end-to-end solution that we released in February 2017 that provides a single, seamless point of access to a complete suite of EFB tools all in one place. Historically, the critical information pilots need to successfully complete a flight is received through numerous standalone EFB applications. Pilots have to manually type flight-specific data into each application while also managing those various applications throughout the flight. However, through its customizable dashboard and intuitive interface, Aviator transforms existing standalone, mobile EFB applications (Jeppesen apps as well as third-party apps) into a convenient, coordinated suite that allows pilots to concentrate on flying rather than data input. When pilots no longer have to switch between EFB apps, it means less head-down time and less potential for error by removing the need for duplicate data entry. Ultimately, this saves time and money.

As for upgrades, in April we released v1.2, which added the following features and enhancements:

  • Dashboard design refactor
  • Various performance enhancements
  • Download tray
  • The option to download documents and data in the background
  • The ability to open Trip Kits with a third-party document viewer

With our next release, v1.3, set for this summer, we’ll add even more features and enhancements:

  • Documents design refactor
  • The ability to view multiple documents at once with tabs
  • An in-app Help function
  • A Pilot Utilities tool with the following:
    • Converter
    • Calculator
    • Timer
    • Stopwatch

Looking ahead to the rest of 2017 and into 2018, we’ll continue to upgrade Aviator in future versions that will include some features we’re very excited about:

  • Third-party weather integration
  • Enhanced weather information
  • Enhanced briefing integration
  • Document annotations across revisions
  • Document prioritizing
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • More third-party integrations

As you can see, we are constantly working to improve Aviator’s functionality and performance. It’s already a fantastic tool for pilots, but we’re continually upgrading it to further streamline the workflow, minimize head-down time, and reduce clutter and paper on the flight deck. If you’d like more information about Jeppesen Aviator and how it can help your commercial airline operations, speak with your Jeppesen representative or request more information at www.jeppesen.com/aviator.

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