Creating a Smarter EFB

Creating a Smarter EFB

Issue 8

Last month, Jeppesen launched the “Smarter EFB” campaign. Every 3-6 weeks we’ll be sharing short video clips showing what Jeppesen & Boeing are doing to make their EFB’s smarter and more intuitive for our customers.

What do we mean by a smarter EFB? We envision a smart EFB as being able to depict aeronautical information based on flight context. With a Smart EFB, information is specific to the pilot’s airline, aircraft type, chart rendering preferences, geospatial position and even current weather conditions…all on a single, data-driven map.

The first video, entitled “Innovation Cycles,” and shown below describes how three distinct innovation cycles have affected the way the industry presents airport information as we move from Paper to Digital to “Smart” technology, the next innovation cycle.


This vision began with SmartNotes and will continue to become a reality with the incremental introduction of so-called “Smart Airports” functionality in FliteDeck Pro 4.1 this autumn. When Smart Airports is fully implemented through the end of 2019, FliteDeck Pro customers will see the complete replacement of static 10-9 airport and briefing charts with a single, dynamic airport map. You can see all the current "Smarter EFB" videos on the Jeppesen YouTube page.

Smart EFBs are just another way that Boeing Global Services is innovating to better serve our customers. Learn more about the innovations being made at

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