Is there a product that helps integrate other Jeppesen products?

Is there a product that helps integrate other Jeppesen products?

Issue 8

The product that you are most likely thinking of is our relatively new Aviator product, which helps integrate other electronic flight bag (EFB) programs in one, easy-to-use location. Traditionally, commercial airline pilots have had to manage and utilize a variety of digital tool with different access points that don’t share information between them. This creates a situation where pilots are tasked with entering the same information over and over again, wasting time and creating the potential for error.

Aviator was developed to provide pilots with a single point of access to many of the applications they use already and is designed to share information across these applications to save time, prevent errors and improve the efficiency of your operation.

The Aviator suite contains the following modules:

·         Flight Briefing

·         Weather

·         Content Viewer

·         Pilot Utilities

Aviator also currently integrates the following EFB products:

·         Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro

·         Boeing Onboard Performance Tool

·         Jeppesen FliteDeck Advisor

·         Bytron Skybook

·         Company own software development kits (SDK’s)

Aviator integrates with any other Boeing, or third-party EFB applications that provide data in ARINC 633-1 or 633-2 format.

If you want to increase your airline’s efficiencies and provide quick and easy access to EFB app modules, then you may want to visit to learn more about all of the Aviator features and benefits. For even more information, contact your Jeppesen representative to get information about future updates.

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