DAeC-Ferienlager „Jugend fliegt“ – noch freie Plätze im August in Eisenach!

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Sie kennen Jugendlichein Ihrem Umkreis, die Fliegen cool findenund keine Lust auf Langeweile in den Sommerferien haben? Dann könnte das hier genau das Richtige sein! Das Ferienlager „Jugend fliegt“ der Luftsportjugend im Deutschen Aero Club e.V.dreht sich rund um die Fliegerei. 

In der Woche vom 4.-10. August lernen Jugendliche im Alter zwischen 14-17Jahren auf dem Flugplatz Eisenach-Kindel die Welt des Fliegens und des Luftsports kennen.

Dabei ist auch für alle Jugendlichen mit ein wenig Geschick etwas dabei: Begleitet wird das Programm nämlich von zahlreichen Workshops, in denen die Teilnehmer in den Modellbau hinein schnuppern und ihre Fähigkeiten beim Bau von verschiedenen Flugmodellen wie z.B. Balsagleitern und Raketen unter Beweis stellen. So lernen die Jugendlichen auch die verschiedenen Disziplinen des Luftsports kennen: Ob Segelflug, Motorflug, Ballonfahren, Hängegleiter oder eben Modellbau, bei „Jugend fliegt“ ist alles dabei. 

Dazu gibt es für die Teilnehmer auch noch spannende Vorträge rund um das Thema Luftfahrt: „Die Fliegerei begeistert viele schon seit Kindheitstagen an. Dabei ist es uns wichtig zu zeigen, dass es nicht nur Piloten gibt“, betont Jan-Hendrik Römermann aus dem Organisatorenteam der Luftsportjugend, „ob Privatmaschine oder Ferienflieger, es ist immer eine Teamleistung. Fluglotsen auf dem Tower, Flugzeugmechaniker oder die Flugbegleiter, alle arbeiten mit.“ Deshalb werden die Vorträge unter anderem von Experten der Deutschen Flugsicherung, Jeppesen, dem Deutschen Wetterdienst und Piloten der Lufthansaunterstützt. „Wir wollen bei den Jugendlichen Begeisterung wecken und Möglichkeiten des Luftsports zeigen“, so Bundesjugendleiter Max Heilmann, „und den besonders Interessierten Perspektiven bieten, wie man das Hobby zum Beruf machen könnte.“  

Hört sich interessant an? Noch gibt es freie Plätze !

Dann schnell anmelden, unterhttps://www.luftsportjugend.com/jugend-fliegt

ForeFlightMobile App in Europe

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For IFR and VFR, ForeFlight offers pilots who fly in Europe the powerful combination of:

  • EUROCONTROL-integrated planning and filing 

  • Weather visualisation tools

  • State-of-the-art hazard awareness features

  • Jeppesen’s world-class data and charts 

Learn more at foreflight.com/europe. You can also start a 30-Day trial of ForeFlight Mobile at foreflight.com/30dayeurope.

Take advantage of this offer now through August 31, 2019.

Garmin GNS 400/500 series – non-WAAS & WAAS – 8.33 kHz frequencies

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Since the beginning of January 2019, especially after the change to the 8.33kHz frequencies, Garmin has informed us about the following:

Related to the database format, older unit software versions do not provide information for facilities using 8.33kHz spacing from the navigation database.

All GNS 400/500 non-WAAS and WAAS units are affected and are not able to provide the 8.33 kHz information automatically.

Although Jeppesen is unable to help with a new NavData update, the 8.33 kHz frequencies can be found on Jeppesen Charts and on AIPs and it is possible to tune the 8.33 kHz frequencies manually as the GNS 400/500 non-WAAS and WAAS units are 8.33 compliant.

Please find all the details here, provided by Garmin and please also note the overview of Garmin’s Avionic units where a software update is the solution: https://s23634.pcdn.co/en-US/aviationalerts/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/1865A.pdf

Jeppesen Retailer Opportunities

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Are you interested in offering Jeppesen products and services to the General Aviation community in your country?

We are looking for new Jeppesen resellers worldwide, with particular need in: 

  • Portugal

  • Greece

  • Turkey

  • The Baltic States

  • Balkan countries

In order to sell and demonstrate Jeppesen products, it would be beneficial for applicants to have an aviation background, a high affinity for the General Aviation markets and a good understanding of customer needs and wishes. 

Minimum requirements include: 

  • A physical store

  • An online shopping site

  • Product demonstration equipment 

We look forward to receiving your application and company details at:  qualifiedreseller@jeppesen.com

Additional Events Coming in 2019

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Additional events coming this year include: 

27 April General Aviation Exhibition and Safety Day, Duxford, UK
18-19 May AEROS, Maribor, Slovenia
07-09 June Flugplatz Kerb, Gelnhausen, Germany (Fly In, Airshow)
13-15 June AeroExpo UK, High Wycombe, UK
13-15 June France Air Expo, Lyon, France
29-30 June AOPA / Wingly Fly In, Orleans, France
04-06 July AERO South Africa
12-14 July Cessna Treffen/Meeting, Jena, Germany

New services for Garmin GPS 175/GNX 375

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We are happy to offer direct from Jeppesen update services a la carte or in navigation bundles with a discount compared with the purchase of individual components. We offer annual services as well as single updates for trip-kits. Databases include Navigation, Basemap, Obstacles, SafeTaxi and Terrain. To update online, please visit us at:jeppesen.com/jdm/download 

You may review the 2019 price table below for Data Services if you do not order a navigation bundle or a navigation plus charting bundle. Please note that prices in the right columns are prices without local VAT, while prices in the left columns include 19 % German VAT.


If you are interested in a navigation bundle or a navigation plus charting bundle, feel free to contact us at fra-services@jeppesen.com with “GPS175/GNX375” in the subject line and include your aircraft tail number, make and model in the body. 

We offer compatibility with Flight Stream 510 for database concierge and built-in Bluetooth provides all the features of Flight Stream 210. You can also wirelessly transfer flight plans, stream weather, traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via built-in Connext® wireless technology to Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight and more. Please be aware that database sync and flight plan cross-fill is not supported at this time.

Dream B J G events in 2019

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Our successful Dream B J G events brought to you by Bose/Jeppesen/Garmin continue during May in Spain and Scandinavia. 

Please join us to get demos, the best solutions for your flying needs and just to enjoy a great day with other pilots! Of course, there is no admission fee for you as a participant. Feel free to share our Dream B J G event with your friends. It’s a great opportunity to meet up and enjoy a fun day of aviation and camaraderie!

Dream B J G – Spain
Madrid, Cuatro Vientos
May 4, 2019

Dream B J G – Scandinavia
Herning, Denmark
May 25, 2019

GPS “Week Number” Rollover

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On 6 April 2019, the “week number” broadcasted by GPS satellites will be reset to zero. Some panel mounted GPS navigation systems and portable units require a software update to ensure proper functionality.

Many GPS receivers are prepared for the rollover and will continue to work without problems. Others need a firmware update so that they don't suddenly behave as if they've made a leap back to 21 Aug 1999. 

In order to mitigate any safety risk related to the GPS week rollover, EASA recommends taking the following proactive measures: 

  • Ensure that the latest software update is installed on potentially affected GPS receiver(s)

  • Request information from the GPS receiver manufacturer regarding its robustness against the GPS week rollover

  • If possible, perform tests that simulate the GPS week rollover, e.g. using a GPS simulator

Jeppesen Supports DAeC

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DAeC, Germany’s biggest Aviation Association, is organizing their Jugend Fliegt (Youth Flies) event to inspire kids through aviation.

It will be held 4-10 August at AVIEUR’s EDGE (Eisenach-Kindel airport) location. There will be many interactive workshops and opportunities to learn about professions in aviation/aerospace.

Jeppesen is proud to partner with DAeC on this important initiative. 

Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Tips & Tricks

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Easily find your Garmin avionics software version and system IDs.

This information is crucial for placing your order correctly, and ensuring there are no issues between the update data provided by us and the transfer into your avionics unit. If you are updating your data via Garmin FS510, JDM helps to find the correct system ID. 

Please have this information available when you place orders. 

1. With the latest update to version 3.7, JDM shows the correct avionics software version and/or system ID: 

  • The SD card must be inserted into your computer 

  • The SD card must have been used at least once to upload data into the Garmin avionics 

  • A new or reformatted SD card will not have the system ID information available

  • Click the JDM menu in the upper left corner

  • Go to Tech Support > Show Airframe Info


2. The pop-up displays the airframe name, Garmin system ID and avionics software version.


Boeing Acquires ForeFlight

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Boeing and ForeFlight have partnered for the past two years to bring Jeppesen data and charts to ForeFlight’s apps. And now ForeFlight has joined the Boeing family. 

What does this mean for you?


  • Your prices will not increase

  • Your product/services will not change

  • Your customer service options related to sales, after-sales and technical support has not changed

  • Our Qualified Resellers will have the same Jeppesen product portfolio


  • We will offer you more value through additional features and solutions for your flying needs

  • There will be more service options and options to save

And, did you know JeppView/JeppView MFD customers can use one or more installs to integrate Jeppesen charts with the ForeFlight Mobile app

Please stay tuned for more about ForeFlight and Jeppesen.

Dream B J G events in 2019

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Our successful Dream B J G fly-in events brought to you by Bose/Jeppesen/Garmin expands into other regions of Europe and will offer three dates in three countries.

Please join us to get demos, the best solutions for your flying needs and simply to enjoy a great day with other pilots! Of course, there is no admission fee for you as a participant.

Save-the-date of the following weekend(s):  

  • Spain: Madrid, Cuatro Vientos – 4 May

  • Denmark: Herning – Dream B J G is invited to the Scandinavian AOPA event – 25-26 May

  • Slovenia: Portoroz – Dream B J G is invited to this international fly-in – 12-13 October

Please, share our Dream B J G event with your friends. It’s a great opportunity to meet up and enjoy a fun day of aviation and camaraderie!

We will send our registration for Spain with our April newsletter, or just send an email to fra-services@jeppesen.com with “Dream B J G in Spain” in the subject line.

AERO Friedrichshafen 2019

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We hope to see you at AERO 10-13 April. We will be in our usual booth (#A3-401), and our fellow Boeing subsidiary, Aviall, will be next to us. Talk to Aviall for parts and other supply chain solutions.

Jeppesen will be offering private demos, customer service, previews of upcoming product/service releases, and AERO show specials:

NavData Updates - Panel Mount (Europe)

GPS 150/150XL, 250/250XL

50 €

GPS 155/155XL, GPS 165, GNS 300/300XL  

60 €

GNS 400/500 non-WAAS (single/dual)   

80 € / 120 €

GNS 400/500 WAAS (single/dual)   

90 € / 130 €

GTN 600&700, G1000         

100 €

Avidyne Entegra   

100 €

Avidyne IFD 540/440 (single/dual)            

100 € / 150 €

NavData Updates - Handheld

NavData update for Garmin handheld GPS

40 €

NavData + Obstacle and/or Safe-Taxi

60 €

Additional Savings

Change from Paper to Electronic


Mobile FliteDeck (IFR & VFR)


Mobile FliteDeck VFR


Renewal offer  

15 months for 12 months (for all existing renewals paid at the booth and for all renewals with the start date in the future, paid within 30 days after providing offer)

Specials on Boeing merchandise


Win 2019 Admission to AERO Friedrichshafen or France Air Expo or AeroExpo UK

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Please take our survey about fly-ins and aviation events. The first 300 respondents win free admission to AERO or France Air Expo or AeroExpo UK. 

We want to establish more valuable smaller events for you – and near you – and therefore we would like to get a better understanding what the optimal experience looks like. 

Your answers will help us gain a better understanding of how we can best connect with you.

In case you are one of the winners, please be sure to indicate your preference for free admission to AERO or France Air Expo or AeroExpo UK at the end of the survey.

Enroute/Area/Plotting Charts

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Just a quick reminder – you still can get Jeppesen paper enroute/area/plotting charts. 

Price per Enroute Chart: 12.50 €
Price per Area Chart: 6.25 €
Price per (set of 5) Plotting Charts: 21.00 €

All plus local VAT and shipping costs.

To check whether your enroute chart is still “effective”, visit here: 

Realistic Simulation with Jeppesen and Navigraph

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Still grounded due to winter weather? Check out Navigraph chart and data services for simulators.

In cooperation with Jeppesen, Navigraph offers worldwide NavData, plus IFR and VFR charts for flight simulation (not for actual flight navigation). 

Contact Navigraph for more info. 

Collins Pro Line Charting Options

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CJ123 deck.jpg

Do you fly with a Collins Pro Line 21 or Fusion avionics system? Check out our 2019 charting coverages, available as annual revision services or one-time trip kits.

  • Military coverages available – please contact us for details

  • Please note that the Worldwide coverage is discounted compared to the sum of all single coverages – check carefully for the selection of coverages that make the most sense for you

  • Prices are valid for most general aviation aircraft. These prices are subject to change if your aircraft does not classify as general aviation by Jeppesen definition. To get your best offer, please provide us with your tail number, make and model.

Table of 2019 prices: 

Annual Revision Service

Trip Kit

with VAT*

without VAT*

with VAT*

without VAT*


1,852.83 €

1,557.00 €

611.66 €

514.00 €

Europe and Mediterranean

2,162.23 €

1,817.00 €

714.00 €

600.00 €

Eastern Europe

1,103.13 €

927.00 €

364.14 €

306.00 €

Middle East and South Asia

1,280.44 €

1,076.00 €

422.45 €

355.00 €


546.21 €

459.00 €

179.69 €

151.00 €

Pacific Basin

1,967.07 €

1,653.00 €

649.74 €

546.00 €


245.14 €

206.00 €

80.92 €

68.00 €


1,050.77 €

883.00 €

347.48 €

292.00 €

Full USA

1,401.82 €

1,178.00 €

462.91 €

389.00 €

Latin America

819.91 €

689.00 €

270.13 €

227.00 €

South America

1,082.90 €

910.00 €

357.00 €

300.00 €


592.62 €

498.00 €

195.16 €

164.00 €


1,276.87 €

1,073.00 €

421.26 €

354.00 €

sum of all coverages

15,381.94 €

12,926.00 €

5,076.54 €

4,266.00 €







11,306.19 €

9,501.00 €

3,730.65 €

3,135.00 €

*with German VAT

Update DVDs/CDs Discontinued

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Over the decades, Jeppesen has delivered data and services by many means, including paper, DVD, CD, memory cards and internet download. As technology advances, and our customers’ expectations evolve, we continue to shift more and more of our data delivery to the internet.


Over the coming months, Jeppesen will stop DVD/CD-based update delivery for JeppView, JeppView MFD, NavSuite, NavSuite MFD, e-Link and JetPlanner. 

Your next renewal invoice will no longer include the DVD update service.

Not affected by this DVD/CD delivery stop are:

  • Initial software

  • Installation DVDs/CDs

  • FliteStar updates

If you have any questions regarding this matter, or if you see significant restrictions on your operations, please contact your Account Manager or fra-services@jeppesen.com.

Extended Offer…Free Trial Access to Mobile FliteDeck VFR and Mobile FliteDeck (IFR & VFR) for Flying Clubs

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Mobile FliteDeck VFR

Mobile FliteDeck

We like to support flying clubs! That is why we are again offering a free two-month trial to Mobile FliteDeck VFR, and also this time to Mobile FliteDeck (IFR & VFR), at the start of the season on March 1st.

We first provided the free trial offer this past August. The feedback was very positive, but we could not start the trials before October so we decided to repeat our offer for the coming flying season. 

The details:

  • Trial period is two months: 01-MAR-19 to 30-APR-19

  • Includes both Mobile FliteDeck VFR and Mobile FliteDeck apps

  • Flying club members who participate in the trial will be eligible for very attractive discounts on Mobile FliteDeck VFR and Mobile FliteDeck services 

Next steps: 

  • Please circulate the offer among your flying club members as soon as possible

  • Email us at fra-services@jeppesen.com with “Flying Club offer 2019” in the subject line and provide:

    • Name of your flying club

    • Main contact person 

    • Estimated number of interested pilots

  • We will register the club in the trial, and provide the necessary number of trial licenses