Wireless Jeppesen data updates

With the Garmin Flight Stream 510 memory card and Garmin Pilot app, you can update all of your Jeppesen data wirelessly.

Garmin Data Card.png

Flight Stream 510 is a patented memory card that contains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. More pilots are happy with the convenience of Garmin’s wireless avionics database updates via the FS510 in combination with their “Database Concierge”. Currently GTN6xx/7xx, G1000 NXi and G500 TXi/ G600TXi units can be up-dated wirelessly.

The wireless connectivity means no longer having to remove your data card from the airplane, or use separate hardware—simply download the data updates at your convenience to a mobile device, connect to Flight Stream 510 in the cockpit and upload your data. It’s that easy.

We are happy to help link your Garmin account with your Jeppesen account to activate this functionality. 

Please be aware that you need to have your tail number, the aircraft model and the Garmin “System ID” for each device ready when contacting Jeppesen. Follow the instructions prepared by Garmin to find the correct “System ID.”

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