Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Tips & Tricks

Easily find your Garmin avionics software version and system IDs.

This information is crucial for placing your order correctly, and ensuring there are no issues between the update data provided by us and the transfer into your avionics unit. If you are updating your data via Garmin FS510, JDM helps to find the correct system ID. 

Please have this information available when you place orders. 

1. With the latest update to version 3.7, JDM shows the correct avionics software version and/or system ID: 

  • The SD card must be inserted into your computer 

  • The SD card must have been used at least once to upload data into the Garmin avionics 

  • A new or reformatted SD card will not have the system ID information available

  • Click the JDM menu in the upper left corner

  • Go to Tech Support > Show Airframe Info


2. The pop-up displays the airframe name, Garmin system ID and avionics software version.


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