Garmin GNS 400/500 series – non-WAAS & WAAS – 8.33 kHz frequencies

Since the beginning of January 2019, especially after the change to the 8.33kHz frequencies, Garmin has informed us about the following:

Related to the database format, older unit software versions do not provide information for facilities using 8.33kHz spacing from the navigation database.

All GNS 400/500 non-WAAS and WAAS units are affected and are not able to provide the 8.33 kHz information automatically.

Although Jeppesen is unable to help with a new NavData update, the 8.33 kHz frequencies can be found on Jeppesen Charts and on AIPs and it is possible to tune the 8.33 kHz frequencies manually as the GNS 400/500 non-WAAS and WAAS units are 8.33 compliant.

Please find all the details here, provided by Garmin and please also note the overview of Garmin’s Avionic units where a software update is the solution:

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