2019 Events

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Jeppesen will be exhibiting at the major GA events throughout the region, plus we will be at many local events/fly-ins. Stay tuned to our General Aviation Newsletter for more details and we hope to see you in 2019!

GA Events:

AERO Friedrichshafen, 10 – 13 April

AeroExpo UK, 13 – 15 June 

France Air Expo, 13 – 15 June 

AERO South Africa, 04 – 06 July 

Countries for Local Events/Fly-Ins:










Saudi Arabia






Garmin GX-Series Sunset

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We regret to announce that, due to Garmin sunsetting the GX series, Jeppesen will no longer be able to offer NavData services for the GX50, GX55, GX60, GX65 and 2101 GPS units.

Effective June 30, 2019, all Garmin GX NavData services will be discontinued. Prepaid services will be refunded on pro-rata basis.

Please contact us if you have any questions. If needed, we can help you transition to another GPS NavData service and provide information about our bundled services for many of today’s popular avionics systems.

Additional information about our avionics data services can be found on pages 41-59 of the Jeppesen catalogue.

We appreciate your business and understanding during this transition.

Now Available – Garmin Aviation Basemap Data Updates

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In addition to the many other data services for Garmin avionics, we are pleased to now offer the Aviation Basemap. This map includes cultural data like rivers/lakes, cities/towns, major roads and political boundaries.  

Worldwide Aviation Basemap updates are available for:

·      G500/G600

·      G500 TXi/G600 TXi/G700 TXi

·      G1000/2000/3000/5000

·      G1000 NXi 

·      GTN 600/700

·      G500 H (Helicopters )

·      G500 H TXi (Helicopters )

Generally the Basemap tends to be a stable dataset, so we offer a one-time update for general aviation:

·      109.00 Euro plus local VAT 

Additionally, it can be included as part of the continual updates in a Jeppesen PilotPak bundle for Garmin G1000 and/or GTN series. 

Please provide us your tail number, aircraft make and model (and your system ID if you have FS510 and Database Concierge) when ordering the Basemap updates.

Contact us for more information or to place an order.

+49 6102 5070

Learn How Much You Can Save with PilotPak for Garmin G1000/GTN

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Jeppesen’s PilotPak bundles are offered at two levels – PilotPak Standard (NavData, Obstacles, Safe Taxi, Airport Directory, Terrain and Basemap) and PilotPak Standard + JeppView for Multi-Function Display (Jeppesen charts on your front panel plus four additional installations for mobile apps and ground use).

As the PilotPak bundles depend on several variables, which determine the end price, it is difficult to communicate prices and savings in something like our catalogue or online. 

Below are two common examples showing the PilotPak savings compared to choosing all services separately. These examples are based on a Europe coverage, but please contact us for quotes on different regions, a different number and combination of avionics, etc.

G1000 PilotPak Savings


List Price €

PilotPak Price €















GTN 600/GTN 700 and G500/G600 Savings


List Price €

PilotPak Price €














Just Released – New Mobile FliteDeck 3.0

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Check out the latest enhancements, including ownship display on SID/STAR charts. 

We’ve also made it easier to add SIDs/STARs to your route.

Please review the release notes and user guide for all the details.


New Mobile FliteDeck VFR Release

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v2.4.1 is now available in the App Store. Be sure to keep Mobile FliteDeck VFR up-to-date to take advantage of the latest enhancements.

We have also completed testing with Mobile FliteDeck VFR and iOS 12, and we are happy to report that there are no compatibility issues.

Not a Mobile FliteDeck VFR user? Give it a try with our free 30-day trial.


JeppView + Flying Apps…Know Your Options

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Did you know that our electronic charts provided via JeppView and JeppView MFD services can seamlessly integrate with most flying apps?

The JeppView/JeppView MFD services also allow four installations so you can customize how you access Jeppesen electronic charts across several different platforms, e.g. a home computer, multi-function display, mobile devices, etc.




Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Updates

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We are planning several releases for our avionics update system, JDM, in the coming months. 

Here is the schedule:

·       JDM for Windows – mid-October

·       JDM for Mac OS – early November

·       JDM Mobile app – mid-November

Savings for IAOPA Members

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Thanks to a recent agreement between Jeppesen and AOPA/IAOPA, members of all European AOPAs can now take advantage of a 15% discount on several of Jeppesen’s most popular products and services:

·       Paper Charts

·       Electronic Charts 

·       iPad Apps 

·       Jeppesen PilotPak for Garmin 1000 or GTN Series

·       EASA Training Products

Please check your national AOPA website to get additional information/conditions.

For example:

AOPA Germany (German/Deutsch)

AOPA Germany page (English)

AOPA Denmark (Danish/Dansk)

AOPA UK (English)

For an overview of Jeppesen products see our General Aviation EMEA Catalogue 2018

To place an order, please contact us at fra-services@jeppesen.com and provide proof of your active membership at the day of your purchase.

The offer is valid until 31 August 2019.

Garmin Worldwide NavData Coverage Split

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If you have a worldwide Jeppesen NavData service for your Garmin system (either as NavData only or as part of a bundle), please review the information below.

Some Garmin systems will be impacted by changes to worldwide NavData services due to data capacity constraints. Garmin will be excluding all airports where the longest runway is 5,000 feet or less and all heliports will also be removed.

The changes begin with cycle 1810 (effective 13 September 2018).

As an alternative, Jeppesen offers worldwide NavData services that include three regional databases (Americas, Trans-Atlantic and International).

International Comanche Society Discounts

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Now members of the International Comanche Society are eligible for discounts on Jeppesen services. Please contact your nearest ICS representative for program details and conditions. 

ICS members in Europe, Africa, Middle East and some parts of Asia who want to order, can contact us at
fra-services@jeppesen.com and provide proof of current membership.


Wireless avionics downloads powered by Jeppesen and Bad Elf

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Jeppesen and Bad Elf have teamed up to bring the convenience of wireless avionics database updates. With Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Mobile for iOS in conjunction with Bad Elf Wombat units, you can now wirelessly download your databases to your iPhone/iPad anywhere you have connectivity and transfer the databases to the avionics cards from the convenience of the cockpit.

JDM Mobile for iOS advantages:

·      Wireless updates save time commuting and reduces the risk of damaging, forgetting or losing essential hardware

·      Cost savings by reducing the need to purchase multiple backup media hardware

·      Anytime/anywhere avionics databases downloads to your mobile device

·      Data filtering of updates by aircraft tail number and data types (NavData, Electronic Charts, etc.)

·      Convenient access to essential Jeppesen alerts and notices and self-help videos built into the application

·      Apple badge notification signals when data updates are available


Visit Us at the Upcoming AVIEUR Fly-In

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Jeppesen is once again proud to attend the AVIEUR Fly-In at Eisenach-Kindel (EDGE).

Please join us on 15 September 2018 for informative presentations, product demos and more.

New All Europe Coverage for Jeppesen IFR Charting

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Get one full coverage and save 15% compared to the single coverages. 

All Europe is available as annual revision service or as a one-time trip kit in:

- Paper
- Electronic – JeppView and JeppView for Multi-Function Display
- Mobile FliteDeck iPad app – single install, only available as an annual service
- Garmin PilotPak data bundles for GTN and G1000 families

Please contact us to learn more: +49 6102 50 70 or fra-services@jeppesen.com.

Get Free Trial Access to Mobile FliteDeck VFR for Your Flying Club

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We like to support flying clubs! That is why we are offering a free two-month trial to Mobile FliteDeck VFR – the only app designed strictly for VFR pilots.

There is no individual registration needed. Just send an email to fra-services@jeppesen.com and mention the keywords “Flying Club trial” in the subject line. Please also let us know the contact person at your club and the estimated number of interested pilots.

Product Support is Just a Click Away

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In addition to our 24x7 technical support teams, we have many online resources if you need help with Jeppesen products/services. 

For example, as a JDM (Jeppesen Distribution Manager) user, you might find it helpful to better understand your subscriptions, update counts, cycle dates and overlap periods, the update schedule and how to download data and transfer to devices, etc. 

Or find step-by-step instructions for using the Garmin Flight Stream 510 to do wireless database transfers for your Jeppesen services.

You can also search topics by keywords, like Flight Stream 510 or FS 510.

Jeppesen Data and Charts + ForeFlight Mobile

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Jeppesen and ForeFlight are excited to announce the availability of ForeFlight Mobile for the European market. 

ForeFlight Mobile is the most widely used integrated application for planning, flying and logging flights.

Now all ForeFlight Mobile subscription plans for Europe include Jeppesen’s best-in-class digital VFR and IFR navigation data, which are dynamically rendered directly on ForeFlight’s data-driven aeronautical map.

Additionally, Jeppesen’s high-quality, standardized library of European VFR and IFR electronic charts can be linked in ForeFlight Mobile and seamlessly accessed to support all phases of flight.

If you are a current subscriber to a JeppView or JeppView MFD IFR and/or VFR coverage, you can easily use one of your four installations to test the ForeFlight Mobile app.

Learn more about the powerful capabilities of ForeFlight Mobile combined with Jeppesen’s world-class aeronautical data.

Help Make the Jeppesen General Aviation Newsletter Better

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Give us your ideas and feedback about the Jeppesen General Aviation Newsletter, and we will enter you to win a “thank you” gift!

We would appreciate hearing about:

1.   Does the title, Jeppesen General Aviation Newsletter, catch your attention? Is there a better title that would stand out more in your email inbox?

2.   What topics are of interest to you? Are there specific topics we should focus more on?

3.   All other feedback and ideas are welcome!

Please email us your feedback by 30 September and we will have a drawing for three “thank you” gifts. 

Thank you for your participation!

2 months – 5 countries – 11 events

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Long days, sunny skies and warm weather…it’s flying season and we’re excited to be attending events throughout Europe in the coming months.

Stop by and say hi!

06.-08.07. Cessna Treffen Jena Germany
07.-08.07. AOPA Fly-In Teuge Netherlands
07.-08.07. Wingly Fly-In Sarlat France
25.-29.07. DAeC    Alpenflugtraining Bad Wörishofen Germany
04.-05.08. Texel Air Show Texel Netherlands
04.-05.08. Wyk auf Föhr, Fly-In Wyk auf Föhr Germany
07.-11.08. AOPA Training Camp Eggenfelden Germany
17.-19.08. Flugtage Soest Soest Bad Sassendorf Germany
25.-26.08. Texel Airport Fly-In Texel Netherlands
25.-26.08. Aero Kiewit Hasselt Belgium
25.-26.08. Wingly Fly-In Wellesbourne UK