Hong Kong Slot Application Process Change

Update -September 21st 2016

The new BAPS (Business Aviation Parking System) will go live on September 27th 2016, existing logins for the current system will expire September 28th 2016. There will be a 6 hour temporary suspension of all services under BAPS from September 26th 1800 to September 27th 0001 Hong Kong time for system upgrade.

Key points for new process:

  • To make sure runway slots are used properly, users will be required to request parking slots within 48 hours of receipt of the slot from the OCS (Online Coordination System)
  • No more than 2 slots in one application.
  • A T Status is not a confirmed slot.
  • A K Status is a confirmed slot.
  • GA/BA operators need to apply for parking in parallel with handling requests.
  • If either parking or handling is not available then runway slot will change from a T Status to a X Status.

In the past few months there has been increasing frustration from operators being able to obtain slots into Hong Kong.  Effective 01 September 2016 Hong Kong slot application policy and procedures have been amended to prevent misuse and wastage of runway and parking slots.

The new penalty scheme will be implemented and all slot activities will be monitored by Hong Kong Schedule Coordination Office (HKSCO). With the exception of number 1 which is worth 2 misuse counts all of the below equal 1 misuse count.

  1. Operation without runway slot. (2 misuse counts)

  2. Runway slot cancellation less than 72 hours before allocated slot time.

  3. Holding onto runway slot without cancellation

  4. Runway slot cancellation rate of more than 39-39% of monthly applications.  One additional misuse will be counted for cancellation rate of 40-49%, two additional misuses will be counted for cancellation rate of 50-59%, and so on.

  5. Off-block time deviates from runway slot time by 2 hours* or above.

  6. Parking without booking.

  7. Parking overstays.

  8. Holding onto parking slot without cancellation.

  9. Cancellation of parking slot less than 72 hours before parking slot time.

  10. Failure to complete parking and ground handling service within 48 hours after obtaining conditionally approved runway slot.

  11. Using slot in a significantly different way from the approved allocation.

Note:  Multiple penalty points may be incurred.

*It must be emphasized that +/- 15 minutes of slot time is considered to be on time.  The 2 hours flexibility (subject to review) offered here is to cater for smoother adaptation by users.


When the monthly total misuse counts are more than 20% of total monthly operations or 3 counts, whichever is higher, penalty will be imposed to the relevant Online Coordination System (OCS) login IDs (accounts)  under the relevant user (company).  Each month, the total number of the above slot misuse counts will be tallied for each user and used as an indicator of user performance.  Rather than a financial or other form of penalty against the operator, penalty will be imposed in a form of restricting access to the OCS.  Moreover, penalty assigned for 3 consecutive months may lead to termination of all user accounts for that company. 

If discrepancy is identified, HKSCO and Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) will contact the OCS users for clarification.


The following types of operations are exempted from obtaining slot clearances at Hong Kong International Airport:

  1. Emergency Situation – including diversions and the subsequent departure flight or quick returns after takeoff

  2. State Aircraft – including Heads of State flights, flights carrying Government Ministers, or flights carrying visiting dignitaries from abroad on an official visit

  3. Military Flights – including military flights carrying supplies or on mission

  4. Humanitarian Flights – including Medical Emergencies, Donor Flights, Search and Rescue, Air Ambulance flights and Hong Kong Government Flying Service flights

  5. Technical Flights – including Radar and ILS calibration flights, aerial survey flights, RFI and NAVAID check flights


Due to the strict nature of Hong Kong’s penalty structure, operators who are travelling to Hong Kong are encouraged to make every effort to comply with the new penalty guidelines.


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