FINLAND - New API Requirements - effective immediately

The Finnish Border Guard will require API data for all arriving and departing Non-Schengen GA passenger flights starting Sept 1, 2016. The local handler can provide this service if given the proper details in advance. You can also contact the Finnish Border Guard at for more information. If you wish to submit API data directly you can do so using the following email address:
Potential financial penalties to be imposed when API information is not provided. This is already required for airline carrier flights.

API data is required only for flights with passengers on board. Ferry/positioning flights (crew only) do not require API info. This may change in the future, but at the moment only passenger data is required.

API data is required only for those passenger flights conducting a flight between a Non- Schengen Member State and a Schengen Member State. API data is not required when passengers are not subject to Schengen Area immigration clearance.

Example: KJFK-EFHK-VHHH: API data not required (only tech stop at EFHK)

When EFHK is the entry or exit point to/from Schengen Area, passport control will take place in Helsinki during the fuel stop. API data is required in this case. If both origin and destination are Non-Schengen Member States, API data is not required.

VHHH-EFHK-EGGW: API data not required (Tech stop at EFHK)
VHHH-EFHK-LFPB: API data required (Entry passport control at EFHK during tech stop)
LFPB-EFHK-VHHH: API data required (Exit passport control at EFHK during tech stop)

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