Vendore Relations Regional Reviews December 2017

                                                        ASIA, AUSTRALASIA




The games will be held 9-25 February 2018 in Pyeong Chang in Gangwon province. Official procedures for airport operations will be released in detail in December.

RKNY / Yangyang is the closest airport to the sport venues and is expected to be operational 24 hours a day during the Olympics. Slots will be required with priority given to scheduled commercial airlines after which GA/BA flights will be assigned the remaining slots.  There will be no overnight parking spots available. Flights may be granted 1-2 hours ground time while passengers are dropped off or picked-up.

Aircraft must reposition to RKSI / Incheon or RKSS / Gimpo.  

RKSI / Incheon is a 24 hour airport with slots required. It is a 2 ½ hour drive to the Olympic venues. There is also a high speed train available. Parking spots are assigned on first-come-first-served basis with a maximum of 3-4 days parking allowed. There is no GA terminal for VIPs so all passengers and crews must be processed at the main terminal.

RKSS / Seoul Gimpo is not a 24 hour airport and has a curfew 1400Z-2100Z (2300-0600L) with no extensions or exceptions possible. The Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center (SGBAC) has CIQ on site, has 2 VIP lounges, a crew lounge, conference rooms, and ample hangar space. It is recommended that a tow bar be carried onboard aircraft in case the parking spot does not allow power out.


ZGGG / Guangzhou Baiyun – The 2017 Fortune World Business Forum will be held in Guangzhou on 6-8 December 2017. The new FBO parking area will be used and all crews and passengers will clear CIQ in the new FBO building instead of the main terminal.

ZJHK / Haikou Meilan - Overnight parking is not available for BA/GA flights due to a parking stand shortage.

ZBAA / Beijing, ZSPD / Shanghai Pudong, ZSSS / Shanghai Hongaiao airports are all experiencing an increase in BA/GA flights which has prompted parking alerts in recent months.

Submit flight schedules to these airports as early as possible to secure aircraft parking.

                                                   CENTRAL AMERICA

Christmas Day Holiday is celebrate throughout Central America on 25 December 2017. The Civil Aviation Authorities will be closed and plan accordingly for permit requests. Consult with the local handling agents if assistance is needed.


MRLB / liberi - Airport apron is not available for General Aviation aircraft on 1-3 December 2017 and 15 December - 5 January 2018 per NOTAM.


MGGT / La Aurora Intl - Runway 02/20 closed from 0500Z – 1100Z daily thru 20 December 2017.                                                                                                                

                                      NORTH AMERICA and CARIBBEAN                                          


Christmas Day Holiday is celebrated on 25 December 2017 and one should verify the CANPASS hours.

Box Day Holiday is celebrated on 26 December 2017 and one should verify the CANPASS hours.

New requirement for business travelers to enter Canada, which does exempt US citizens.

The application link:


Crew entry requirement now in effect

Visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, and travelers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for an eTA.


Christmas Day Holiday is celebrated on 25 December 2017 and the main DGAC Offices as well as banks and most businesses will be closed.

Peak season in Mexico is approaching with the busy holiday travel for Christmas, New Years and even later for Spring Break. One can expect heavy aircraft ramp traffic at MMUN, MMSD, MMPR and MMSL. Some ground delays may be caused due to fuel uplift for commercial airlines have priority on fuel uplift except at MMSL. The increased corporate aviation traffic can cause significant wait times and crew members and passengers should be aware of potential fuel truck delays. The area hotels are usually booked early and many will be sold out so be sure to check availability as soon as possible. Also note that a minimum of 5 hours’ notice should be given before the aircraft departs from its destination for single 135 landing authorizations. DGAC will be closing around mid-December through the first week of January but the local handlers are still able to arrange local single landing authorizations for FAR PART 135 during their closing period. The following documents are needed to coordinate these requests: Power of Attorney Letter, Aircraft Registration, Mexican Insurance, Worldwide Insurance, AOC and OST 4507 Form. Consult with your local handling agent if assistance is needed and confirm services well in advance.

Aircraft operators are reminded to always have the proper multiple entry authorization or applying permits along with the mandatory updated aircraft documents on board the plane for the Mexican Authorities are randomly checking such documents at different airports.

The Mexican DGAC has prohibited individuals from carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones on board of any aircraft due to the risk of explosions without any advance notice.

MMML / Gen Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada Intl - Runway 10/28 closed through 31 December 2017 from 0730Z-1400Z daily per NOTAM.


Christmas Day Holiday is celebrated on 25 December 2017 and one should verify the CBP hours.

The U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs announced the following regarding the Presidential Proclamation on Visas -

On 24 September 2017, the President issued a Presidential Proclamation titled “Enhancing Vetting Capabilities and Processes for Detecting Attempted Entry into the United States by Terrorists or other Public-Safety Threats.”  Per Section 2 of Executive Order 13780 of 6 March 2017 (Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States), a global review was conducted to determine what additional information is needed from each foreign country to assess whether foreign nationals who seek to enter the United States pose a security or safety threat.  As part of that review, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) developed a comprehensive set of criteria to evaluate the information-sharing practices, policies, and capabilities of foreign governments on a worldwide basis.  At the end of that review, which included a 50-day period of engagement with foreign governments aimed at improving their information sharing practices, there were seven countries whose information sharing practices were classified as “inadequate” and for which the President deemed it necessary to impose certain restrictions on the entry of non-immigrants and immigrants who are nationals of these countries.  The President also deemed it necessary to impose restrictions on one country due to the "special concerns" it presented.  These restrictions are considered important to addressing the threat these existing information-sharing deficiencies, among other things, present to the security and welfare of the United States and pressuring host governments to remedy these deficiencies. Nationals of the eight countries – Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Somalia are subject to various travel restrictions.

Information can be found at

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a ban on carrying most electronic equipment in carry-on luggage on direct U.S. bound commercial airline flights from the following 10 airports - Amman, Jordan (OJAI/AMM); Kuwait City, Kuwait (OKBK/KWI); Cairo, Egypt (HECA/CAI); Istanbul, Turkey (LTBA/IST); Jeddah (OEJN/JED) and Riyadh (OERK/RUH), Saudi Arabia; Casablanca, Morocco (GMMN/CMN); Doha, Qatar (OTHH/DOH); and Dubai (OMDB/DXB) and Abu Dhabi (OMAA/AUH), UAE. The ban applies to electronic devices other than cellular phones and medical equipment; devices such as laptops and iPads must be stored in checked luggage. The ban reportedly went into effect on 21 March and U.S. authorities stated that they imposed the ban due to intelligence regarding threats of terrorist attacks on aircraft. This currently does not affect General Aviation flights.

More information can be found at – and

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) now bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airplanes per the following -


Christmas Day Holiday will be celebrated on 25 December 2017.

Boxing Day Holiday will be celebrated on 26 December 2017 in various countries throughout the Caribbean.

The peak holiday travel period begins in December and especially around Christmas and even through to New Year’s Day week for locations throughout the Caribbean. One should plan accordingly and get service requests in as soon as possible. For aircraft ramp parking, fuel, hotel rooms, ground transportation and catering should be confirmed with the local handlers well in advance.


Bahamas Civil Aviation bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from aircraft travelling in the Bahamas. Devices may not be transported by passengers or crew on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage on flights to, from, or within the commonwealth of the Bahamas and cannot be shipped as air cargo.


TNCM / Princess Juliana Intl - ATC operational from 1100Z until Sunset (SS) daily through 12 December 2017 per NOTAM.                                      



UUWW / Moscow  Vnukovo - Due to reconstruction work Aerodrome is only available as alternate for Aircraft of airlines who have a prior agreement for rendering of airport services and handling in the case of a divert. This regulation does not affect emergency traffic. This restriction remains in force until the 31 December 2017.

UHHH /Khabarovsk - Aerodrome closed between 0440Z-0610Z every Tuesday and 0540Z-0710Z every Friday until the 23 March 2018. Check NOTAMS from updates to the above.

                                              EASTERN EUROPE AND TURKEY



LTFJ / Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen - Various night closures planned in 2017. Please check NOTAMS for full details prior to planning any trips to this Aerodrome.


UMMS / Minsk – 2 - Various night closures planned in 2017. Please check NOTAMS for full details prior to planning any trips to this Aerodrome.                                                        



GLRB / Monrovia Roberts - 09 October 2017 - 28 February 2018 Runway 04/22 Closed during the

following days and times for rehabilitation work. Mon-Tue 0600-0100, Tue-Wed 1900-1330,

Thu 0230-2359, Sat 0200-1500 & 1830-0930 Sun 1830-0930.  All times UTC. Check NOTAMS for updates.



Flight Restrictions remain in place for overflights with destination or departure from QATAR. Additional permissions are likely required prior to flight, this includes U.S and EU registered Aircraft. Consult ALL FIR NOTAMs.

HESH / Sharm El Sheikh - From 7-9 December 2017, Sharm El Sheikh will be hosting the COMESA Forum. Accordingly Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport Administration will ban and prevent overnight stays at Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport from 4-12 December 2017, in order to accommodate the aircrafts participating in the, and the daily operation of aircraft during this period. A warning that all aircrafts are not to increase the time on ground to more than one hour and forty-five minutes.

HECA / Cairo - Every Monday between 0900-1100Z, Runway 05R/23L will be closed for maintenance.

This closure is in force UFN.


FAA/EASA advisories and restrictions remain in place for operations into, out of, and over the following countries and their associated FIRs.


Full and up to date information on all of the above can be found on the FAA website, prohibitions restrictions and notices page, the CFMU Network Operations Portal, EASA website, or in the relevant NOTAMS.




EINN / Shannon Intl - After completion of the runway surface overlay, EINN is back to normal operating hours. Effective immediately, running through to 31 December 2017, Shannon Airport are offering a 50% discount on airport charges to all tech stop operations.


EPWA / Warsaw – GA/BA Parking restrictions – 06 December 2017 - 15 March 2018

Only 10 GA/BA parking stands available during above dates due to seasonal reductions in permitted traffic. Parking and slots will be issued on a ‘first come, first served’ basis with parking refusal possible. Most constrained days will be around Christmas and New Year. Please request parking asap.


2017 World Economic Forum will occur in Davos 23-26 January, 2018.

The annual World Economic Forum will be held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland from 23-26 January 2018.As always preparations are already beginning to take place. As in previous years, It is expected that the standard restrictions will be implemented at LSZH:

‐ The flight plan must match the required airport slots

‐ Maximum 3 hrs ground time will be available for aircraft without prior parking permits

Hotel accommodation, transport and catering companies will be very busy during this time so it is advised to make arrangements early and double check all confirmations.

Suggested alternate aerodromes for parking during this period will be Geneva (LSGG), Basel (LFSB), Altenrhein (LSZR), Stuttgart (EDDS), Munich (EDDM), and Friedrichshafen (EDNY). Parking at these locations usually fills up quickly and aircraft have been known to have to park as far away as Milan, Italy, so it is highly recommended to submit requests for operations as early as possible.

LSGG / Geneva 

LSGG APT 2017111B649V01 A0454/17    18 20JAN0500/18 28JAN2259 



LSGG APT 20171117574V01 A0451/17    17 16DEC0000/18 15APR2359 

SAT-SUN 0000-2359                                                   





                                                        MIDDLE EAST

UAE - Airspace Changes

This is a reminder with reference to the below regarding the UAE Airspace restructuring project starting on 7 December 2017.  

As per the latest update of the UAE-AIP [ref. section GEN 1.5 (], a grace period of 16 hours will be provided starting from the AIRAC Cycle (i.e. 00:00 UTC). Hence aircraft arriving on the non-updated database will not be permitted to enter the UAE Airspace after 16:00 UTC on that day. 

Consequently, to avoid delays and flight diversions, please ensure a timely update of your operating aircraft FMS accordingly.

Please contact Jeppesen Vendor Relations for further advice and documentation.



VIDP / Indira Ghandi Intl / Dehli - VIDP Immigration Authorities have stopped issuing Visa on arrival until further notice. Please ensure ALL crew members arrange Business or e-Business Visa PRIOR TO ARRIVAL.

Jeppesen UK Office move:

Please note that Jeppesen UK Ltd has moved offices. Our new address is:


Jeppesen UK Limited

6th Floor

Astral Towers

Betts Way

London Road


West Sussex

RH10 9UY

All other communication methods and billing addresses remain the same.






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