Vendor Relations Region Review - February 2017

Vendor Relations Regional Reviews

February 2017

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ZBAA / Beijing – Airport is not available as a non-emergency alternate due to a parking stand shortage 1300-2300Z daily until 25 March 2017. 

ZBAA / Beijing - A delayed flight plan shall be re-filed for any schedule delay of more than one hour.

ZBTJ / Tianjin – Parking restrictions have been lifted and parking for more than 3 days is available.

ZGDY / Zhangjiajie – There is new terminal open. For international departures the passengers must walk via boarding bridges to a bus for transport to the aircraft.  It is recommended that luggage is sent ahead to the airport for check-in. 

ZGNN / Nanning – No GA flights January-March 2017.

ZLDH / Dunhuang – There is a new terminal at this airport with a plan to accommodate international flights in the near future. CIQ is not currently on site and will be sent from ZLLL.

ZSPD / Shanghai Pudong – All international flight passengers and crews will clear CIQ inbound/outbound at Terminal1. The VIP room will only be used for domestic flights.

A visa-free 24 hour transit can be arranged for foreign crews, except US citizens. The crew must remain in an isolated area determined by the duty immigration officer.

ZSSS / Shanghai Hongqiao – Aircraft arriving from Singapore, Thailand, and other SE Asia countries must be sprayed with repellent for ZIKA virus upon arrival. The disinfection process will take a half hour, with the cabin sealed. Passengers can deplane first, but their luggage will be offload after disinfection is complete.

ZSYN / Yancheng – Airport is open to foreign registered aircraft. Permits can be processed through normal channel. Airport ops hours: 0800-2100L.

ZSYW / Yiwu - This location is now open to foreign operators. Permits can be processed through normal channels.





SABE / Buenos Aires Jorge Newbury – This airport is once again to GA/BA traffic. While still a domestic airport a special permit is required for international arrivals and departures. Overnight parking restricted but with prior notice to the handler a private apron might be arranged.


Lead times for permits at various airport within Ecuador are as follows:

-       Galapagos airports, SEGS and SEST, require 5 days lead time

-       Traffic stops at all other locations require 2 days lead time

-       Tech stops at SEQM, SEGU, and SEMT require 24 hours lead time





MRLM / Limon Intl - Airport Jet A1 and Avgas service hours are from 1400Z – 2200Z through 23 February 2017.


MSLP / San Salvador - Runway 07/25 closed on 01, 02, 03 February 2017 from 1600 – 1700Z per NOTAM and on 02 February 2017 from 0430 – 0930Z per NOTAM.


                        NORTH AMERICA and CARIBBEAN


New requirement for business travelers to enter Canada, which does exempt US citizens.

The application link:

Crew entry requirement now in effect

Visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, and travelers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for an eTA.



Mexico DGAC will be closed on 06 February 2017 due to holiday celebration – Constitution Day.

 The Mexican DGAC has prohibited individuals from carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones on board of any aircraft due to the risk of explosions without any notice. 

The Ministry of Health and Agriculture of Mexico advised that the cost resulted from destroying or incinerating international trash will be billed on a monthly basis to the local handlers responsible of the flight operation. This took effect on November 1, 2016 and enacted due to government budget cuts. More information will be coming from the handlers and one can contact the handlers directly as well regarding this item.

MMTO / Toluca - Runway 15/33 closed on 09 February 2017 from 0400 – 1100Z per NOTAM and through 28 March 2017 on Tuesdays ONLY from 1800– 1900Z per NOTAM.



Presidents' Day Holiday will be celebrated on 20 February 2017 and due to this Federal Holiday, one should consult the U.S. CBP hours on this day. Also note that U.S. Government offices will be closed as well as banks and some businesses.   

 The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) now bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airplanes per the following -

 The NFL Super Bowl LI will take place on 05 February 2017 at the NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. And some of the airports in the area of this event are - KIAH, KHOU, KTME, KEFD, KGLS, KSGR and KDWH. One should consult the airport NOTAMS and check with the local handlers to arrange ramp parking on 02-06 February for arrival/departure reservations) and other services. This is a major event and GA traffic always increases prior to, day of and the day after so plan accordingly. For complete information to include the TFR NOTAM as well as a graphic depiction of the TFR please see the NBAA Super Bowl LI webpage (link below)


The NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference is taking place on 07-10 February 2017 in Fort Worth, TX. The airports in the area of this event are - KFTW, DFW, KDAL, KADS and KRBD. One should consult with the locals FBO's to ensure services well in advance for ramp congestion can occur.  


The Yachts Miami Beach 2017 will take place at Indian Creek Waterway in Miami Beach, FL on 16-20 February 2017. The airports in the area of this event are - KMIA, KTMB, KOPF and KTNT. One should consult with the local FBO's at these airports in advance to ensure services for GA ramp congestion could occur. 


The Daytona 500 will take place on 26 February 2017 at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL. The airport in the area of this event is KDAB. One should consult the airport NOTAMS and the local handlers in advance to ensure services. 



MYCB / New Bight - Airport Jet-A1 and Avgas not available through 31 March 2017 per NOTAM.

MYEM / Governors Harbour - Airport Jet-A and Avgas not available through 31 March 2017 per NOTAM.



TXKF / Bermuda - Airport will not store or dispense Avgas 100LL per permanent NOTAM.

Airport has restricted night time aircraft refueling on Apron 4 (Handler location) through 28 February 2017 (except for Search and Rescue and MEDEVAC flights) per NOTAM.



TFFR / Le Raizet - Runway 12/30 closed on 01-03 February, 2017 from 0330Z – 1030Z daily per NOTAM.



TFFF / Martinique - Airport PPR restrictions will be applied through 25 March , 2017 due to ramp congestion and 48 hours advance notice must be given with the Airport Authority for aircraft over 7 tons per NOTAM. The PPR number once authorized, must be listed on the filed flight plan in Item 18.

Airport will experience staff shortages on 06–08, 11, 21–28 February 2017 from 1030 – 1830Z and disturbances might affect ATS services.



TLPL / Hewanorra Intl - Runway 10/28 closed through 26 February 2017 from 0200 – 1100Z per NOTAM.



URSS / Sochi - Russian Investment Forum 27-28 February 2017

27- 28 February 2017 Sochi will be hosting the Russian Investment Forum. During this period there will be heavy slot restrictions along with limited parking availability and high demand for services at URSS International Airport. In order to secure the required services please give the handlers as much notice as possible and plan accordingly.




LTFJ / Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen - Various night closures planned in 2017. Please check NOTAMS for full details prior to planning any trips to this Aerodrome.


UMMS / Minsk 2 - Various night closures planned in 2017. Please check NOTAMS for full details prior to planning any trips to this Aerodrome.




FOOL / Libreville - On the evening of the 05 February 2017 Libreville will play host to the final of the African Cup of Nations. Any operators flying into or transiting through Leon M’ba international should expect increased traffic volumes during this period.


FLKK / Lusaka - From the 26 January through 26 April 2017, Runway 10/28 will be closed daily between 0400-1500Z, due to WIP.


DNAA / Abuja - Abuja airport (DNAA) will be closed to all traffic from 0001Z on the 08 March - 19 April 2017 at 2359Z for Runway maintenance.

During this period all traffic planned for DNAA will be directed to Kunda (DNKA) which is situated 100 miles North of Abuja.



FAA/EASA advisories and restrictions remain in place for operations into, out of, and over the following countries and their associated FIRs.


 Full and up to date information on all of the above can be found on the FAA website, prohibitions restrictions and notices page, the CFMU Network Operations Portal, EASA website, or in the relevant NOTAMS.





LSGG / Geneva - Various NOTAMs currently in place in relation to parking restrictions and use of LSGG as an alternate.

·         FROM 16DEC2016 TO 17APRIL2017 PARKING

·         FROM 17DEC2016 TO 16APRIL2017-GVA MUST NOT BE

Consult NOTAMs for full information. 



LEVC / Valencia - SLCA the fuel supplier in LEVC has strikes
the following days:

Fridays and Sundays 28 October 2016 until 26 February 2017

- 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24 and 26 February 2017

 Hours of minimum service are:

Between 0200-0400Z                        

Between 1000-1200Z                   

Between 1700-1900Z

The rest of the day is planned as normal service.


LEVC / Valencia - Effective immediately a new mandatory requirement has been introduced for inbound flights. Line 18 of the flight plan MUST contain the name of the nominated handling agent. 


As of 28 October 2016, the French Economic and Financial Affairs Ministry has closed the below thirteen airports for use as international ports of arrival. LFMQ has been used as an overflow airport for LFML, LFTH, LFMD, and LFMN, so please be aware when operators book flights to the French Riviera.  EBAA France is petitioning the decision and we will update you if something changes.

1.            LFOI - Abbeville (XAB)

2.            LFBA - Agen - La Garenne (AGF)

3.            LFAY - Amiens – Glisy (QAM)

4.            LFLI - Annemasse (QNJ)

5.            LFQM - Besançon - La Vèze (GBQ)

6.            LFTZ - St Tropez – La Môle (LTT)

7.            LFRO - Lannion (LAI)

8.            LFMQ - Le Castellet – Riviera International (CTT)

9.            LFPL - Lognes-Emeraiville

10.          LFSM - Montbéliard – Courcelles (XMF)

11.          LFQG - Nevers - Fourchambault (NVS)

12.          LFLV - Vichy – Charmeil (VHY)

13.          LFRI - La Roche sur Yon – Les Ajonc (EDM) 





OMDW / Dubai South – Catering changes

Dubai Airports Authority have taken the decision to change whom can provide catering at OMDW. Effective immediately, Emirates Catering will be the sole provider of any and all catering for OMDW. This is regardless of which handling agent you choose to use. No other catering – including that sourced from outside the airport – will be allowed.



OEDF/ Dammam – Due to shortage of parking stands, OEDF cannot be used as an alternate until after

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