LFMN The Cannes Film Festival and The Monaco F1 Grand Prix 17-29 May 2017

From Swissport: Following the meeting that we had with the Airport Authorities, we are now able to provide you with the latest information on the operational management of Nice Airport during the events traditionally scheduled for the month of May : the Cannes Film Festival (17 to 28 May) and the Monaco F1 Grand Prix (25 to 28 May).
The impacted dates range from May the 17th until the 29th included.
The Airport Authorities will start to grant parking spots and PPR numbers on the 18th of April. Their process for the parking allocation is on a first requested first served basis.
Please note that schedule changes (specifically the date of flight) will modify your position, putting you back at the bottom of the list.
Changes made solely on the ETA (while remaining on the initial date) will be granted (if parking is available) without losing your position in the waiting list.
If you are planning to operate a fly to Nice during this period, it is necessary to send us an accurate and reliable itinerary as soon as possible in order for us, to secure a parking for the duration of your stay..
Please be also aware of the following Airport Authorities rules:
It is allowed to replace an aircraft by another one if it is the same airport category, as per attached graphic..
In that case, the operator must send an email requesting this change to the Airport Authorities to these 2 emails : positionnementAG@cote-azur.aeroport.fr regulateurDROP@cote-azur.aeroport.fr ,as well as to your preferred handler: i.e. Swissport Executive Nice at nce.operations@swissportexecutive.com .
Once the overnight parking has been allocated and confirmed, it is allowed to carry out an intermediate rotation with one condition : this flight out of Nice can not exceed 10 hours, in that case your parking booking for the rest of the stay will not be canceled. This information must be specified in your request for this additional flight..
On Sunday the 28th : long turns will be prohibited. Only quick-turnaround of less than 2 hours will be granted parking.
Airport Authorities said that, either your request for parking has been previously accepted, or you will have to operate a quick-turnaround to come on the 28th. Therefore, the airport will not accept for an aircraft to land before the start of the Grand-Prix, to take off again after it ends. However, you have the possibility to request 2 quick-turnarounds on that day, one to drop off the passengers in Nice and another one to pick them back up.
Here are some possible destinations for you to reposition your aircraft in between these two rotations: LFMQ (le Castellet), LFMV (Avignon), LIMJ (Genoa) LIMC (Milan Malpensa) LIML (Milan Linate). All these airport are viable alternatives, not far from Nice..
Finally, please know that on the 28th of May, VFR flights and flights between Cannes (LFMD) And Nice (LFMN) will be forbidden as well.
It is important to keep in mind that parking is very often approved close to your arrival date, and sometimes close to the arrival time. This is worked on intensely by our team until your arrival, so communication with our team is of high importance.
As we share airport parking space, it does not help to inquire other handlers for a parking not yet approved by your preferred handler.

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