Vendor Relations Regional Reviews for December 2018




RJAA/Narita Intl

 All international airports north of Tokyo prohibit overnight parking for GA/BA for the winter season (Dec-Mar), with the exception of RJCH/Hakodate (although there are limited services at RJCH). For operations to airports in this region, local agents recommend drop-and-go, and repositioning to RJAA/Tokyo Narita for overnight parking.



RPLL / Ninoy Aquino Intl

Night closures of the main Runway 06/24 planned for the rest of November. The other Runway 13/31 will be open during those periods, but no ILS available. Expect delays if operating between midnight to 0600 local time.  In addition, GA/BA flights may struggle to get slots approved as the airport will reduce flight operations to allow for work to upgrade the radar and ATM systems. Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific have already cancelled flights accordingly. Watch out too for sporadic night closures of the main runway planned through to end of Nov.


RPVB / Bacolod-Silay Airport

A last minute crisis management exercise was announced on Nov 8th that affected operations at Bacolod-Silay Airport on the 9th of November 2018. The airport's runway was closed between 0800 and 1200 local time (0000-0400 UTC).  As a result, at least seven Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific flights canceled or delayed many flights.




With the recent implementation in November of the "Schedules Facilitation" at the Seletar Airport, all operators of commercial and non-commercial flights must submit details of their planned operations to the Seletar Schedules Facilitator prior to these operations. What this means for BA/GA flights is that the airport authorities require the FBOs to submit a movement list of all flights for the next day on a daily basis which the FBOs have stated they have already been doing prior to the implementation of the "Schedules Facilitation" so in essence so it’s really status quo and business as usual for BA/GA at WSSL.  The FBOs have stated that they will also inform the airport authorities on planned last minute flights and deal with them accordingly.  An additional change as of Nov 19th 2018 is that now all BA/GA aircraft must utilize the new SBAC (Singapore Business Aviation Center).




The opening of the new VANDON International Airport is scheduled for Dec 25th 2018.  Vandon airport will be very close to the location where many tourist choose to visit while in Vietnam, Halong Bay.  There is planned to be one commercial terminal for use with CIQ available for both commercial and BA/GA flights.  There are no plans yet for a VIP terminal. The airport has planned operational hours of 0700-1800lcl (0000Z-1100Z).






PHNL / Inouye Intl

 Due to the increase in cargo and commercial activity at PHNL, Castle & Cook have reported that large aircraft parking is has become very limited at their FBO and they should be contacted prior to scheduling any services, as space may not be available.  Signature Flight Support has stated that they have plenty of room on their ramp and welcome B737s and larger aircraft for both parking and ground handling.



PGSN / Francisco C Ada/Saipan Intl

 On Nov 23rd 2018 PGSN opened for regular 24/7 operations for both commercial and private aircraft but due to damage from the recent typhoon the ILS and DME are still not operational until repairs can be made. CBP and Local Customs resumed regular service on November 23rd, 2018 when commercial airlines resumed operations.





 From November 29th until December 2nd restrictions in Argentina airspace for the G-20 Summit will occur and a 250 NM radius AIR DEFENSE IDENTIFICATION ZONE centered on EZEIZA VOR (EZE) will be in place.


SAEZ/Ezeiza Intl Ministro Pistarini - SAZE, SABE and SADP are closed to BA/GA aircraft from November 26th 2018 1800Z until December 2nd 2018 1800Z due to G20 Summit in Argentina.

Only aircraft belonging to the heads of states or participants in the G-20 Summit are authorized.

All FIR and Airport NOTAMS in Argentina during this period should be checked daily as changes are very fluid and multiple changes have already been made regarding closures of airspace and airports.


SACO/Ing Aer A L V Taravella 

BA/GA aircraft are not allowed to operate at SACO Oct 30 through Dec 22nd 2018 during these 2 time periods:0700LT/1200LT(1000Z/1500Z) and from 1530LT/2000LT (1830Z-2300Z). This closure to BA/GA is due to ongoing mx work in preparing for the G20 Summit in Argentina.





Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, 2018 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed.  

New Year’s Day will be celebrated on January 1. 2019 this holiday will see Government offices, banks and most businesses closed.  


MROC/Juan Santamaria  

Airport will be closed daily from 0500UTC – 1030UTC through December 15, 2018 per NOTAM.




Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day will be celebrated on December 25/26, 2018 and January 01 2019 respectively. These holidays will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed. Consult with CANPASS to confirm their hours of operation on this day.

 New requirement for business travelers to enter Canada, which does exempt US citizens.

 The application link:

 Crew entry requirement now in effect. Visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, and travelers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for an eTA.



President’s Inauguration will take place on December 1, 2018 and this will have Government offices, banks and some businesses closed.

Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, 2018 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed.  

New Year’s Day will be celebrated on January 1. 2019 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed.  

The peak holiday season in Mexico will take place from mid-December through the first week in January and one should make note of the following items to minimize possible delays for corporate aviation during this period:

 -  Expect heavy traffic at major airports such as MMUN, MMSD, MMPR, MMSL and MMTO. MMSL is a good alternate airport if there is congestion at MMSD and is only located 18 miles away.

-  Expect ground delays due to fuel uplift for commercial airlines have priority to uplift. The increased demand in corporate aviation can cause significant wait times and crew members and passengers should be aware of potential fuel truck delays. This is not an issue at MMSL.

-  Aircraft operators conducting Private Non-Commercial Flights within Mexico should provide a letter on Company Letterhead of detailed company/flight information for local Mexican Airport Inspectors. The same letter should be sent to the local handlers that are assisting the flights within Mexico.

 -  One should give a minimum of 5 hours’ notice before the aircraft departs from its destination for single 135 landing authorizations.

 -  DGAC will be closing around mid-December through the first week of January. Local single landing authorizations for FAR PART 135 during their closing period can be arranged. The following documents are needed to coordinate your request - Power of Attorney Letter, Aircraft Registration, Mexican Insurance, Worldwide Insurance, AOC and OST 4507 Form.

 -  Most of the airports have 24 hours security available for your convenience. Main security concern should be while traveling on the road outside the airport area or visiting tourist sites. One should keep a low profile and do not wear pilot uniforms or company clothes, which will add attention.

 -  Hotels are usually booked early and many will be sold out and please be sure to check availability as soon as possible. Local handlers can assist with booking and normally have special rates available. Be sure to check on the hotel cancellation policies that may be in affect during the peak holiday season.

 -  Ground transportation will also be in high demand and secure the most suitable ride for the crew and passengers as early as possible.

 -  Catering at some locations is difficult to obtain as well as some specialty items. Catering requests should be sent as early as possible.

 -  Car rental companies can also be very busy during this time frame and one should book as early as possible.

 -  There are no changes for Mexican APIS submission during this holiday season and due to the high demand. One should send the information as early as possible.

 -  Overflights have no changes on the process during this time frame. SENEAM does not close for the holiday season. One should ensure that they are current on their Air Navigation Authority payments to ensure there are no issues.

 -  Consider when filing the flight plan that SENEAM authorized routings are to be used. For departure flights, please review with the local handler (dispatcher) on duty for the authorized routes to avoid rejection of the flight plan submission. The flight plan must be presented at SENEAM by the person or handler in charge and this process is mandatory.


Aircraft operators are reminded to always have the proper multiple entry authorization or applying permits along with the mandatory updated aircraft documents on board the plane for the Mexican Authorities are randomly checking such documents at different airports.

 The Mexican DGAC has prohibited individuals from carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones on board of any aircraft due to the risk of explosions without any advance notice. 



Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, 2018 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed. Consult with the CBP Offices to confirm their hours of operation on this day. 

 New Year’s Day will be celebrated on January 1. 2019 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed. Consult with the CBP Offices to confirm their hours of operation on this day. 

 The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) now bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airplanes per the following -



Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, 2018 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed.

 Boxing Day will be celebrated at some locations throughout the Caribbean on December 26, 2018 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed.

 New Year’s Day will be celebrated on January 1. 2019 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and most businesses closed. Consult with the CBP Offices to confirm their hours of operation on this day. 

 The Caribbean peak holiday travel season is approaching in December and January (Peak period for most locations is from Dec 19 - Jan 9). Please take note of the following and consult with the locals handlers as soon as possible to ensure services.

MWCR/Grand Cayman  

Has implemented slot times for all General Aviation aircraft that are arriving or departing Grand Cayman during the high season currently (started November 18, 2018) through February 28, 2019. This is necessary as the parking space is very limited. The slots will be done in 45 minute intervals, in effect allowing up to 5 aircraft in an hour per turn. Overnight parking slots will also be done on a first come basis.

TIST/St Thomas King  

CBP Pre-clearance is not ideal during the busy season and can take between 1-2 hours. The 1000L departure time is the most congested.

TNCM/St Maarten  

Ramp parking/airport congestion will be an issue and at other smaller airport locations as well. ATC ground delays and enroute delays may occur during the peak travel periods during Christmas and New Year's Day. Monitor the airport and FIR NOTAMS. Re-position aircraft if possible when parking is not available at the primary location.

- Fuel requests should be sent as soon as possible and obtain a fuel release if through a broker (WFS, etc ..). The handler and crew should have a copy of the release. Include the fuel uplift required on the handling request and fuel upon arrival if able for overnight stays. Tanker through if an option and know that at most locations - commercial airline traffic takes priority over GA aircraft. Know that fuel shortages may occur without advance notice due to heavy aircraft traffic (commercial/GA) and fuel supplier delivery to the islands.

- Catering can take up to 48 hours advance notice at some locations and special items may be hard to locate and/or very expensive.

- Hotels should be booked as soon as possible for they sell out very early even at the lower star ranking hotels. Take special notice of the hotel cancellation policies and a credit card will normally be required to hold the rooms.

- Ground transportation can also be an issue if not secured in advance.

- Confirm the payment method of the services requested.



Bahamas Civil Aviation bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from aircraft travelling in the Bahamas. Devices may not be transported by passengers or crew on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage on flights to, from, or within the commonwealth of the Bahamas and cannot be shipped as air cargo.




 All departing/arriving passengers on international flights to/from Russian Federation, or the countries of Customs Union, must now declare all items made of precious metals and stones, as well as natural pearls, pocket and wristwatches with a body made of precious metal. All watch bodies, straps and bracelets for watches made of precious metal, ores and concentrates of precious metals, with a value equal to or exceeding RUB 100,000 per piece, or 1 Million Rubles for large-scale strategic commodities, as defined in Decree No 1259 of the Russian Federation, article 226.1. This is regardless of items being carried in baggage, or on one’s person.


USRR / Surgut

Daily Runway closures remain in force between the hours of 0500Z-0700Z, until 19 May 2019.







Istanbul Airports – Reminder of the December transfer process from LTBA to LTFM.

 1) Airport Transfer Process (45 hours) From LTBA to LTFM


The revised transfer period from Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) to Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will commence at 30 December 2018 00:01 UTC and end at 31 December 2018 21:00 UTC.

 During the transfer period (45 hours) Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) and Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will only be available for base carriers’ flights. During this time both Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) and Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will be operating with a common reduced capacity per hour as stated below:

 - LTBA and LTFM common 35 arrivals per hour,

- LTBA and LTFM common 35 departures per hour,

- LTBA and LTFM arrival/departure total common capacity 70 per hour will be applied.


2) Use of Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) After 31 December 2018 21:00 UTC

 As from 31 December 2018 21:00 UTC, LTBA will be closed to scheduled/unscheduled, domestic and international commercial passenger flights, and will only be available for cargo, maintenance/technical, general aviation, air taxi, business flights, and state aircraft flights permitted by the Airport Authority.


3) Capacity per Hour Values for the Slot Allocation Purposes to be used for Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) as from 31 December 2018 21:00 UTC.

In order to avoid potential problems with the flow of air traffic and to provide safe and efficient ATC services for Istanbul New Airport (LTFM), capacity per hour for Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) will be regulated to 5 Arrivals and 5 Departures, total 10 per hour for all traffic.


During the 7 days following 31 December 2018 21:00 UTC, when required, additional measures and regulations will be applied.


4) Capacity per Hour Values for the Slot Allocation Purposes to be used for Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) as from 28 October 2018 00:00 UTC.

 For Istanbul New Airport (LTFM), as from 31 December 2018 21:00 UTC, capacity per hour for the Slot Allocation will be applied as 40 arrival, 40 departure, total 80 traffic.


In order to provide safe and efficient ATC services and to adapt airport layout, new airspace structure, the capacity reductions stated below will be applied until 14 January 2019 21:00 UTC for LTBA and LTFM airports.


The implementation for the dates between 30-31 December 2018 is stated above at item 1. Between the dates 31 December 2018 21:00 UTC and 14 January 2019 21:00 UTC reduced capacity per hour for Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will be applied as 35 Arrival, 35 Departure total 70 traffic.


During these dates, the reduced capacity values for the slot allocation will be taken into account to avoid passenger inconvenience. During these dates, when required additional measures will be applied with ATFM regulations.


 5) Use of IATA Code(s) for Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Istanbul New Airport.

Between 30 and 31 December 2018, transition operation from Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) to Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will be conducted. Within the scope of this operation, 31 December 2018 00:01 UTC is assigned as the date for the IATA Airport Code Change and commencement of use of new IATA Airport Codes for these Airports.


For the Slot Allocation Planning Purposes; between 28 October 2018 and 30 December 2018 IATA Code “IST” shall be used for Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Level 3 Slot Allocation Procedures will be in force for this Airport.


As from 31 December 2018 00:01 UTC, for the slot allocation purposes; Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) will be Level-2 and Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) will be Level-3 with all Slot Rights transferred from Istanbul Atatürk Airport. All the studies and coordination will be conducted in accordance with this schedule.

 LTFM / Istanbul – Grand

LTBA / Istanbul – Ataturk


The IATA and ICAO codes of the new Airport have now been issued. Istanbul Grand will take the IATA code of the old Airport IST, with a new ICAO code of LTFM. Ataturk Airport will keep it’s old ICAO code of LTBA, but will be given the new IATA code of ISL.

For clarification, from the 31st December 0001Z, the below will be the IATA/ICAO codes for the Istanbul Airports


Istanbul Grand = LTFM / IST

Istanbul Ataturk = LTBA / ISL

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen = LTFJ / SAW (unchanged)

All three airports in Istanbul (LTBA, LTFJ & LTFM) will remain operational for business aviation flights. However, please be advised that, CIP or General Aviation Terminals are not currently available at LTFM Airport. As a result we recommed to continue to plan GA/BA flights into LTBA or LTFJ for now, until these service do become available at LTFM.



The U.S. FAA has partially lifted its airspace ban on Eastern Ukraine – the UKFV/Simferopol and UKDV/Dnipropetrovsk FIRs.

 The FAA has added an exception for take-offs and landings. The exception means that U.S. operators are now allowed to operate within the flight prohibition area of the Dnipropetrovsk FIR (UKDV), to the extent necessary to take-off and land at three specified airports, subject to the approval of, and in accordance with the conditions established by the appropriate authorities of Ukraine. The three Airports are, Kharkiv International Airport (UKHH); Dnipropetrovsk International Airport (UKDD), and Zaporizhzhia International Airport (UKDE).


The FAA has determined these operations can be conducted with minimal additional risk due to the sufficient distance provided by the specified prohibition boundary line as a buffer from the area of fighting and associated weapons capabilities.


UKDV/Dnipropetrovsk FIR:

 – Everything east of ABDAR – M853 – NIKAD – N604 – GOBUN is prohibited. Airways M853 and N604 are off-limits as well.

– Operations to Kharkiv International Airport (UKHH), Dnipropetrovsk International Airport (UKDD) and Zaporizhzhia International Airport (UKDE) are now permitted.


 UKFV/Simferopol FIR:

 – Everything North/North East of SOBLO – DOLOT – SOROK – OTPOL is off-limits.

– Airways M856, M854, M860 and L851 have been approved for flights over the Black Sea.

– Airway M747 is prohibited, as it shares some of the off-limits airspace.



UMMS / Minsk – 2

Various night closures planned throughout 2018 and 2019. Please check NOTAMS for full details prior to planning any trips to this Aerodrome.






 Major runway reconstruction work is ongoing. The airport will be completely closed to all flights from Jan 30 to Mar 6, 2019. Read AIP 163/18 for more info.



 The Climate Change Conference will be happening here in December. From Dec 1-15, the airport cannot be used as an alternate, and PPR for parking is required 72hrs in advance - but it’s unlikely you’ll get approval to stay more than 1 hour unless you’re bringing in official delegates. More info in SUP 104/18.



 2019 World Economic Forum will occur in Davos 22 - 25 January, 2019.


The annual World Economic Forum will be held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland from 22-25 January 2019 . As always, preparations are already beginning to take place. As in previous years, It is expected that the standard restrictions will be implemented at LSZH: ‐The flight plan must match the required airport slots ‐Maximum 3 hours ground time will be available for aircraft without prior parking permits


Hotel accommodation, transport and catering companies will be very busy during this time so it is advised to make arrangements early and double check all confirmations. Suggested alternate aerodromes for parking during this period will be Geneva (LSGG), Basel (LFSB), Altenrhein (LSZR), Stuttgart (EDDS), Munich (EDDM), and Friedrichshafen (EDNY). Parking at these locations usually fills up quickly and aircraft have been known to have to park as far away as Milan, Italy, so it is highly recommended to submit requests for operations as early as possible.

Poland - General

 As of June 2018, the Polish Boarder Guard have introduced APIS requirements. We have confirmed that currently APIS is only required for Commercial operators flying fare paying passengers operating on an AOC. GA/BA operators are not covered in this regulation. 

Should you have a customer operating within the above regulations (Fare paying passengers and operator with an AOC) APIS and PNR details will be required by the Boarder Guard, Passenger Information Unit (PIU), either 24-48 hours prior to the flight departing, or upon closure of check-in.

Carriers can apply to send the above data themselves, but they must complete Annex 1-3 and return a minimum of 14 days before the start of operations. Jeppesen maybe able to do this on behalf of the operator, however the operator must first contact the Boarder Guard to nominate Jeppesen as their agent. 

Based on Article. 8 sec. 4 an air carrier that performs an irregular passenger air transport and does not have infrastructure to process and send the protocols and data in the required formats, can transfer PNR data (in accordance with prior written arrangement from the Chief Commandant) via the portal provided by the Border Guard for so-called "Small carriers". See Annex 4 of the regulations.





 Please be aware that earlier this year Swaziland officially changed its name to Eswatini. The new formal name is The Kingdom of Eswatini.



 FAA/EASA advisories and restrictions remain in place for operations into, out of, and over the following countries and their associated FIRs.



Full and up to date information on all of the above can be found on the FAA website, prohibitions restrictions and notices page, the CFMU Network Operations Portal, EASA website, or in the relevant NOTAMS.

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