EGGW noise restrictions/ night restrictions June 01 through September 30 2018

EGGW noise restrictions / Night restrictions June 1 through September 30 2018

* No ad hoc movements – including general aviation, scheduled commercial, and maintenance flights – will be permitted 2200-0559 UTC
* No night slots will be allotted to series flights 2200-0559 UTC
* No revisions of existing confirmed slots from day time (0600-2159 UTC) to night time (2200-0559 UTC)
* No non-emergency diversion flights will be permitted during 2200-0559 UTC
* Effective summer period of 2019 and until further notice, aircraft with a value greater of QC1 will not be permitted to operate during the night time period

Furthermore, below you will find the day time noise restrictions that will start for this year’s summer season
between June 1 and September 30:

* No day time slots will be allotted to aircraft greater than QC1 0600-2159 UTC
* No aircraft changes to confirmed slots that would involve replacing an aircraft with a QC value of 1 or less to an aircraft that exceeds that value during 0600-2159 UTC
* No non-emergency diversion flights will be permitted 0600-2159 UTC
*EGSS Stansted Airport – Note: only 10 night slots per week will be allotted between 2200-0559 UTC

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