UEFA Champions League Final 2018 - Slot application cut off date and parking restrictions

UEFA Champions League final will take place in Kiev from 25-27 May 2018. During this time there are very strict slot procedures in force. Slots must be applied for before 18th May for all charter flights, and 21st May for all general aviation flights. After these dates only changes to existing slots will be permitted.

The slot clearance requests process will only start once both teams have been announced.

Due to expected high demand of airport capacity between 25th May and 27th May and limited amount of parking stands, be advised that overnight and long-term stops will not be provided for aircraft. Aircraft Operators are recommended to request overnight/long-term stops at other Ukrainian or neighboring states’ airports.

For full information please see the documents stored under UKBB tab, this contains important information, including slot application procedure, for all Carriers who will operate flights to Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv) between 25th May and 27th May 2018 for the UEFA Champions League Final

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