Sochi ( URSS) Restrictions - Russia Grand Prix 25Sept - 01Oct 2018

Traffic regulations introduced at Sochi Aerodrome for the period of Formula-1 Russian Grand Prix 2018, 25th September 2100z – 01st October 2059Z. During the above times the below restrictions will be in force.

1 Due to holding of Formula-1 Russian Grand Prix 2018 in Sochi city, duration of Aircraft parking carrying out special or charter, flight including business aviation flight is restricted to 1 hour, with exception of Aircraft with head of state and official delegations on board.

2 Aircraft operators planning to carry out special or charter flight to Sochi Airport during indicated period must obtain time slot from Aerodrome administration before flight plan submission (including in case of departure DLA).
3 Possible long-time holdings of arriving Aircraft and further diverts to alternate aerodromes as well as departure delays, as a result of Sochi ad congestion, shall be taken into account when calculating fuel load. if it is technically available, refueling shall not be planned at Sochi Aerodrome, in order to minimize time required for Aircraft handling.
4 Flights of Aircraft with inop APU shall not be planned to Sochi ad.

In addition to the above it is likely that services and facilities will be at a premium during the above dates. Please keep this in mind and request all required services, including ground handling, transport and Hotels as early as possible

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