Japan Airport Status RJBB, RJGG, RJCC, RJBE and Surrounding Area

Due to recent natural disasters which have struck Japan, Typhoon Jebi on Wed Sept 5th and a 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake
on Thursday Sept 6th, aircraft delays may occur when flight planning BA/GA traffic into and out of Japan.
As of Sept 7th RJBB remains closed as its' runways were severely flooded and other facilities sustained wind and water
damage from the typhoon. In addition to the flooding at RJBB the only access bridge was severely damaged by a tanker
which broke loose from its mooring in Osaka Bay and impacted the bridge. Airport access to RJBB is very limited and airport
authorities are not sure when the bridge will be repaired. With the damaged bridge and flooded runways RJBB remains CLOSED
for all BA/GA aircraft UFN.
At RJGG and RJBE, there are many extra flights by airlines because of the RJBB closure. Many foreign airlines started
operating flights to RJGG instead of RJBB as back up and these airports should be avoided as commercial airlines will
be given priory to operations and other aircraft may sustain significant delays. In addition slots, parking, ground handling,
and catering is getting very busy at RJGG and services are limited.

At RJCC the airport authority has announced that most scheduled commercial flights have resumed operations
but due to some airport facilities which sustained damage due to the earthquake (on Sept 6th) priority will be
given to scheduled airlines and BA/GA operations are not advised. The cities around RJCC are still suffering with electricity
outages, water hydrant damage, and landslides. As a result, public transportation and logistics are in a state of emergency
limiting access to roads and creating significant delays in all public services.

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