Vendor Relations Regional Reviews October 2018



 The CAAC will also be closed 01 – 07 October, 2018 for the National Day Holiday.

All landing and overflying will not be processed during this period except ambulance, diplomatic flights. Operators must make all necessary arrangements in advance.

 ZSSS / Hongqiao and ZSPD / Pudong - China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a 6-day event being held from 05 -10 November 2018 at the National Convention & Exhibition Center

in Shanghai, China. This event gathers government officials, business communities, exhibitors and professional purchasers across the world and provides them new channels for countries and regions to do business, strengthen cooperation and promote common prosperity of the world economy

and trade.  The CIIE is expected to be one of the biggest events in China this year.  Slots, parking and hangar space may become a problem unless they are secured early at both ZSSS and ZSPD well before the event starts.


ZSSS / Hongqiao and ZSPD / Pudong - As of September 2018 new customs procedures at ZSSS and ZSPD have been established.  All crew members must fill out a "Declaration of Personal Items Imported/Exported to/from China" This form applies to money, alcohol, tobacco, electronics and gifts.  The document must be stamped by the FIRST port of entry into China, which in some cases may not be ZSSS or ZSPD.  As of Sept 2018 this new procedure only is occurring at ZSSS and ZSPD and no other airports in China.


Jet Service China Success - JSC China has advised operators that American crew members, can use business visa (M type visa) at most airports in China, including ZBAA, ZSSS, ZSPD, ZGG and ZGSZ. Chinese companies can issue an invitation letter for the visa application. Normally the embassy or consulate will issue multiple entry M visa. Only a few airports are subject to restriction on type of crew visa, such as the following: ZSNJ crews can use M Business Visa but they are required to declare visa info one day prior operation, ZSNB can use M Business Visa but crews need to declare visa info prior operation day, ZHCC crew must use C type visa At ZYTX the type of visa required depends on the duty immigration officer working that day, some immigration officers require C  type visas and some of the officers do not care the type of visa the crew uses for immigration clearance.



RJBB/ Kansai International Airport – On 04 September Typhoon Jebi made landfall in Japan.  Typhoon Jebi was the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years.  The typhoon created intense flooding which closed the Kansai International Airport.  A large tanker ship anchored in Osaka Bay broke free of its mooring and created intensive damage to the only bridge connecting the airport to the mainland.  Despite the severity of the typhoon only Kansai Intl closed for several days until the flood waters could be drained and repairs to the airport and bridge could be made.  Several people were killed as a result of the typhoon but authorities stated that the death toll could have been much higher if evacuations did not take place prior to the typhoon making landfall.  As of 21 September Mainami has stated that the airport has reopened to BA/GA traffic with all services slowly returning to normal operations with the exception of catering services which expect to resume normal operation be mid to late October as the catering facilities at the airport were badly damaged by the typhoon.



Manila - Exercise increased caution in the Philippines due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and a measles outbreak.  Some areas have increased risk.  Travel is not advised to the Sulu Archipelago, including the southern Sulu Sea, due to crime, terrorism, and civil unrest. Marawi City should also be avoided in Mindanao due to terrorism and civil unrest. 

There is an outbreak of measles and authorities have reported deaths in the National Capital Region, Central Luzon, and Davao and travel should be avoided in these regions if possible.



WSSL/Seletar-SATS Ltd. (SATS) has teamed up with Jet Aviation, and Universal Aviation Singapore to operate Seletar Airport’s private jet center called the Business Aviation Centre. It is scheduled to open by December 2018 and will be operated by the Changi Airport Group.  The new Business Aviation Centre will offer passengers an exclusive environment for swift airport clearance. The center will have a luxuriously furnished reception area, security screening and lounge to provide travelers with personalized service from arrival to departure.



VTBD/Don Mueang Intl - Between 22 September through 22 October 2018 VTBD and VTBS will begin testing an ACDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) for all aircraft. This is a process that allows ATC, Airport Operators, Aircraft Operations and Ground Handling Agents to exchange operational info and work together efficiently managing airport operations.  If the trial period is successful the ACDM is planned to be fully operational in 2019.  Full details are in the AIP SUP and a NOTAM has been published to address this system. New ACDM procedures for pilots are included under the Documents tab in TPS for VTBS and VTBD.



VDPP /Phnom Penh, VDSR / Siem Reap ,VDSV / Sihanouk - There have been some recent changes to the application process for obtaining Landing Permits for the three airports in Cambodia; VDPP, VDSR, and VDSV. The changes mean it has become more difficult to arrange Landing Permits at short notice, and during weekends.  All Landing Permits (except Medical Evacuations) must now be approved by the Minister in Charge of the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation (SSCA). Allow 3-5 business days for the application and note that the SSCA is closed on weekends and no permits can be applied for on Saturday and Sunday. Full crew and passenger list is required to submit the landing permit application. Due to airport congestion at VDPP, VDSR and VDSV ferry In/Out flights will not be approved and an overnight stay for one night is required for the landing permit. Also all aircraft must carry a tow bar with the exception of large airline size such as B737 and greater.




The 2018 hurricane outlook according to the National Weather Service - the Atlantic hurricane season runs through November 30. This includes the Caribbean Sea as well. In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, hurricane season also runs through November 30.



MROC / San Jose - Airport will be closed daily from 0500Z – 1030Z through 07 December, 2018 per NOTAM.

Airport prohibits the overnight stay of General Aviation aircraft through 19 November, 2018 per NOTAM.





Thanksgiving Holiday will be celebrated on 08 October, 2018 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and some businesses closed. Consult with the CANPASS Offices to confirm their hours of operation on this day.

New requirement for business travelers to enter Canada, which does exempt US citizens.

The application link:

Crew entry requirement now in effect

Visa-exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, and travelers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for an eTA.



MMTO / Toluca - Airport Runway 15/33 closed through 23 October, 2018 from 1600Z– 1700Z only on Tuesdays per NOTAM.

 The 2018 hurricane outlook according to the National Weather Service for the Atlantic Ocean hurricane season runs through 30 November 2018. This includes the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico as well. In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, hurricane season started on 15 May 2018 and lasts until 30 November 2018.

Aircraft operators are reminded to always have the proper multiple entry authorization or applying permits along with the mandatory updated aircraft documents on board the plane for the Mexican Authorities are randomly checking such documents at different airports.

The Mexican DGAC has prohibited individuals from carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones on board of any aircraft due to the risk of explosions without any advance notice.

Formula 1 Gran Premio de Mexico 2018 will take place on 25 – 28 October, in Mexico City, Mexico n, TX and airports in the area are MMMX and MMTO.



Columbus Day will be celebrated on 08 October, 2018 and this holiday will have Government offices, banks and some businesses closed. Consult with the CBP Offices to confirm their hours of operation on this day.


The 2018 hurricane outlook according to the National Weather Service for the Atlantic hurricane season runs through 30 November 2018. This also includes the Gulf of Mexico area as well. In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, hurricane season started on 15 May and lasts until 30 November 2018.


The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) now bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airplanes per the following -


NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference will take place on 14 and 15 October, 2018 in Orlando, FL and airports in the area are KMCO, KSFB, KORL and KISM.


NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition will take place on 16 – 18 October, 2018 in Orlando, FL and airports in the area are KMCO, KSFB, KORL and KISM.


Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will take place on 31 October – 04 November, 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, FL and airports in the area are KFLL, KFXE and KPBI.


2018 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix will take place on 19 -21 October, 2018 in Austin, TX and airports in the area are KAUS, KEDC, KHYI and KSAT.



According to the National Weather Service, the 2018 hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean runs through 30 November 2018. 



TAPA / St Johns - Runway 07/25 closed through 04 October 2018 from 0230Z – 0830Z daily per NOTAM.



Bahamas Civil Aviation bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from aircraft travelling in the Bahamas. Devices may not be transported by passengers or crew on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage on flights to, from, or within the commonwealth of the Bahamas and cannot be shipped as air cargo. 



UWKD / Kazan - Runway 11/29 closed for all traffic on the following dates and times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, between 0900Z-1300Z. Restrictions remain in force until 15 October 2018


USRR / Surgut - Daily Runway closures remain in force between the hours of 0800Z-1000Z, until 14 October 2018.




LTFM / Istanbul – Grand

LTBA / Istanbul – Ataturk


On the 30/31 October 2018, the transition from the current Istanbul International, Ataturk (LTBA) to the New Istanbul Grand Airport (LTFM) is due to start. The change is planned to take place during a 48-hour period, with the New Airport operational from 0001Z on the 01 November 2018.


The IATA and ICAO codes of the new Airport have now been issued. Istanbul Grand will take the IATA code of the old Airport IST, with a new ICAO code of LTFM. Ataturk Airport will keep it’s old ICAO code of LTBA, but will be given the new IATA code of ISL.


For clarification, from the 01st November 0001Z the below will be the IATA/ICAO codes for the Istanbul Airports


Istanbul Grand = LTFM / IST

Istanbul Ataturk = LTBA / ISL

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen = LTFJ / SAW (unchanged)


All three airports in Istanbul (LTBA, LTFJ & LTFM) will remain operational for business aviation flights. However, please be advised that, CIP or General Aviation Terminals are not currently available at LTFM Airport. As a result we recommed to continue to plan GA/BA flights into LTBA or LTFJ for now, until these service do become available at LTFM.


General Information on the New Istanbul LTFM Airport

The New Airport is located 45km to the North of the city center, with an average transfer time from Airport to CBD of 50 minutes to 1 hour, by road.

Istanbul New Airport will be constructed over an area of 76.5 million square meters to the north of İstanbul, 35km away from the city center. The construction will be carried out in four phases, and the first is scheduled to open in October 2018. On opening, it will comprise of three runways and a terminal with a capacity for 90 million passengers.

Once complete and all four phases are open, currently schedule for 2028, the new airport will have six runways and will host flights going to more than 300 destinations. It will have an annual passenger capacity of up to 200 million people.

“The DHMI has finalized arrangements for how the transition will take place. According to the plan, foreign airlines will not fly to Istanbul at all on 30-31 October 2018, to make the transition as smooth as possible by reducing air traffic. Turkish Airlines, on the other hand, are planning no flights to the new airport for the first 18 hours of the transition. Prior to this period, they are scheduling take-offs from Ataturk Airport, and after this period, landings at Istanbul’s new airport.

Meanwhile ground vehicles will be transported to the new airport by Once the transition is complete, Istanbul’s new airport will allow 35 take-offs and landings per hour, while Ataturk Airport will allow just five take-offs and landings per hour. It will be used primarily for cargo planes and private jets, as all airlines are moving to the new airport”.

The Airport will be operational 24/7, with full handling, Security, Customs and Immigration available around the clock for all Aircraft types up to and including the Airbus A380.

LTFJ / Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen - Due to Runway maintenance and repairs, Runway 06/24 will be closed for takeoff and landing traffic during the following dates and times:

Dates and times through 27 October 2018 
MON: 0001-0159Z, 2150-2359Z 
TUE:  0001-0249Z, 2150-2359Z 
WED: 0001-0249Z, 2150-2359Z 
THU:  0001-0249Z, 2150-2359Z 
FRI:   0001-0249Z, 2300-2359Z 
SAT:  0001-0159Z, 2150-2359Z 
SUN:  0001-0249Z, 2300-2359Z 
NOTE: Departure traffic shall request start up and pushback clearance regardless of slot time at the latest 25min before the planned Runway closure time, otherwise start up and push back clearance will not be allowed. 



UMMS / Minsk 2 - Various night closures planned throughout 2018. Please check NOTAMS for full details prior to planning any trips to this Aerodrome.


UCFM / Bishkek - Runway closed for maintenance every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1400-2100Z, through 26 October 2018.





GQNO / Nouakchott Oumtounsy - Fuel hydrant systems are still currently unavailable; all refuelling is by tanker trucks. Restriction in force until 28 October 2359Z.





LFMN / Nice - Runway 04L/22R closed daily between 0700Z-1600Z, 02 through 05 October 2018




The Indian CAA will be closed on 02 & 19 October, 2018 for national holidays. Please ensure any permit applications are processed well in advance of these dates.




FAA/EASA advisories and restrictions remain in place for operations into, out of, and over the following countries and their associated FIRs.





Full and up to date information on all of the above can be found on the FAA website, prohibitions restrictions and notices page, the CFMU Network Operations Portal, EASA website, or in the relevant NOTAMS.



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