Total Training: Complement Your Pilot Training

One of the most rewarding benefits of having your pilot’s license is the opportunity to fly new aircraft. Today’s flight clubs offer a wide variety of aircraft types and each one is unique with fun and exciting challenges. For new and current pilots looking to expand their skills, the ability to acquire aircraft-specific training material as a supplement to the actual flight training can be a point of frustration.

For years, aspiring pilots have learned to fly using a variety of different textbooks, training courses and supplemental materials. This traditional approach has adequately served many student pilots in the past. However, this training is not without significant limitations. Traditional training materials typically provide general information, principles and concepts that then must be applied to the particular training aircraft. This leaves a gap in foundational knowledge and the specific training needed to fly your aircraft.

Training offerings have changed significantly in recent years. No longer does one need to heavily rely on clunky hardbound books. The latest training courses are integrated solutions that feature comprehensive guides and information specific to a particular make and model of aircraft  and that allow each student to learn at their own pace. Jeppesen Total Training, for example, provides need-to-know information such as maneuvers, procedures and systems for your specific aircraft.

Jeppesen's Total Training solutions are available for:

  • Cessna 172
  • Diamond DA 40
  • Piper PA-44 Seminole

Helping the Student and the Instructor

Traditional training methods present challenges such as not knowing how to apply the general information learned to a specific aircraft. Most textbooks talk about aircraft instruments and what they look like, but few go into detail about glass cockpit displays and how the systems work. The result is prolonged training with an instructor to understand how the instruments function in a Technically-Advanced Aircraft (TAA). Another challenge is knowing how to perform a maneuver in a particular aircraft. The power, pitch and flap settings vary for each aircraft, so learning this information for the aircraft in advance means saving time and money in the aircraft. By using modern training, the student gets a good understanding of the maneuvers, procedures and systems of their aircraft along with the ability to go over the information in pre-flight discussions with their instructor, take the checklists on the lesson and then review the information with the instructor again after the lesson in a post-flight briefing. This helps take the general information learned in ground school to a new level and customizes the learnings for each specific aircraft. This type of training is priceless for transition training. It provides the need to know information for the make and model of aircraft that you will be learning to fly in without all of the general information that you are probably already familiar with.

How Total Training Works

Jeppesen Aircraft Total Training consists of both a printed manual for maneuvers and checklists and an online component that includes three training modules: Maneuvers, Procedures and Systems. Each online training module is organized by phases of flight using a multi-mode methodology that includes a Demo mode demonstrating the maneuver or procedure using narration, text and animated graphics, a Guide mode instructing you through the required steps to accomplish the task, and Practice mode enabling the assessment of your performance. There is also a Systems exam that tests your knowledge of the different systems of your aircraft making you a much more proficient pilot.

As a flight instructor for over 20 years, I have tried numerous ways to better prepare my students for each flight lesson and have more productive post-flight discussions after each lesson. Aircraft Total Training allows me to be more successful with both. My students are finding that each flight lesson is more productive, helping them to be more prepared for the next lesson, and many have said that this type of training has removed some of the complexity in learning how to fly.

Jeppesen's Total Training products can give you the advantage of a wealth of information for your specific make and model of aircraft to enhance your training experience. The binder with the printed checklists and maneuvers can be used for all of your future flights.

About the Author
Bob Brannan is a Portfolio Manager in Jeppesen's Aviation Training Solutions, a flight instructor for over 21 years and a pilot for over 26 years. He is passionate about creating training products that benefit all pilots and continues to provide the high quality that pilots expect from Jeppesen. Bob works closely with the industry and is very active in the aviation community.


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